Bring my motorbike permanent into Laos

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  1. Hi
    Here a message from a member from Holland who live 3 years in NongKhai and I'm need some advice.
    My wife and I have the opportunity to take over a family business in Vientaine.
    But I buy 2 years ago a beautiful Yamaha BT1100 (invoice) and I don't want to sell it or leave it in Thailand with my family.
    Is it possible to bring my Bulldog into Laos permanent and get it registated if I get a business visa???

    Best Regards

    Joost Koomen
  2. I have the same question. Does anyone have any information on what is required to register a bike permanently in Laos? Cost? Duties?
  3. Third time lucky?

    Any info (process, cost etc.) on permanently registering a 800CC bike in Laos (currently registered in Thailand) would be much appreciated thanks!
  4. I think it is actually possible to import them, by paying a lot of duty, but getting them registered is extremely diffcult.
  5. I Laos now and from what I can gather they are really tightening things up. Only just managed to get through customs with my bike after much persistent pleading and that's for 7 days only. Anything over 250cc will only get though customs if it's part of an official tour group or has special permission from the authorities. As for registering bikes over 250cc that appears to be a no go. Importing is still possible - further info at:
  6. Good news getting into Laos. Exactly where & when did you enter?
  7. Crossed on 17th May at Nong Khai. The bike had not crossed into Laos before so that was working against me, but they seemed to buy my (genuine) story for visiting Laos after a while.

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