Bring the rain, father and son tour

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  1. Mae Hong Song Loop in the Wet season

    2 up on the D-Tack, August 23 - 28, 1292 kilometers, approximate hours of sunshine 2-3, 3 sets of rain gear rarely used, GPS never left the bag as David's map did what it was supposed to. Nights in Pai, MHS, Mae Sarieng, Mae Sot and Mae Sarieng

    Having contemplated a beach trip over the last two weeks of August we decided it might be nicer to explore closer to home. And man o man did we find the weather we were looking for. Every day was overcast with some showers with only short bursts of heavy rain. Most of the time my son wouldn't want to wear his rain gear, I'd have to insist on rain pants to keep him clean, kids. Discovered that on mountain roads the fuel range of the D-Tracker is greater than appetite of a teenage boy; might just have spent more on chicken than gas on this trip. One highlight of the trip was our first father and son wipe out, a first in his six years as a pillion. We're taking too much speed through a water crossing and I got on the throttle just as we cleared the water, spinning us around and down nice and quick. No injuries but got the first scratches on my bike in 34,000 km so it's all good. Kid pretty much though it was kinda fun, he got a few bruises mostly from me landing on him.

    Really have to state how enjoyable it was traveling during the worst rainy season can dish out. The forest are lush and green, the mountains beautiful in the mist, and nights are nice'n cool. Speeds are slower as there is considerably more road debris, the 105 Mae Sarieng to Mae Sot was the worst I'd seen, always something around the corner, commonly something left behind by a cow or water buffalo. Kick myself for not getting pictures of the flood damage to the road south of Mae La Noi. Again the 1192 is a fantastic and clean road, can't wait for a return visit.

    As a wet coaster from British Columbia Canada, have returned from far to many rides to count over the years, during our 3 month warm season, freezing and wet after the weather changed. Not the case here, riding during the wet season here just adds another dimension to the already fantastic riding opportunities. Our riding on Saturday from Doi Inthanon was in a steady downpour, no problem - just slow it down.

    Come on in, the waters great. :happy2:

    Music any fellow wet coaster will recognize.





    PS, in the market for a good used digital camera. We had 2 nice camera's stolen in the beginning of the year and have been making do with one ancient digital and my sons video camera. We really need two more again for our family, and my budget won't allow for 2 new camera pictures.

    Best Regards,
  2. Nice one Kevin. I'd say your son really enjoyed himself. Aint it grand to be out there doing that on the road with your kids.
    Thanks for the vdo of Mae Pan waterfall,that is on my hit list for next trip to Mae Chaem.

    Re a camera, I've got a Canon PowershotS70 that I'm no longer using. Moto-Rex has been testing it out, but I don't think he's interested, so when it comes back you can give it a try & make a sensible realistic offer.

    Now I wonder if you're stream mishap was on the way to the "MHS Long Necks" at Huay Sua Tao, south of town.

    Thanks for the vdo & trip report.
  3. Wouldn't mind checking out the camera David, thanks.

    And gee, how did you guess the where of our fall happened. I got over confident on the way in and took the slippery-ness for granted on the way out, first water crossing with too much speed :crazy: .

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