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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by bomb defuzer, May 30, 2007.

  1. bomb defuzer

    bomb defuzer Ol'Timer

    I have a new KTM 625 SMC in the USA. It is a bike that KTM bases 3 models from.
    1. Supermotard 625 SMC.
    2. Adventure 640.
    3. Dirt/Dual Sport 625 SXC.

    So as you can see, with a few spare parts this is an extremely versatile motorcycle.

    I disassemble it and ship it in a few different boxes to TL via air and re-assemble.

    1. Slap a plate on it from my Honda, ride it and take my chances with the police.
    2. Legally get a plate for it. Pay import duty, etc, etc.
    3. Buy a red plate from a "dealer".
    4. Throw dirt wheels on it and ride it strictly off road...(no plate needed?)

    Enlighten me please.

    By the way, I saw othe same modelKTM as the one I have except it was a few years old....price 400 K Bht. You got to be kidding me.

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  3. GypsyRider

    GypsyRider Ol'Timer

    BD, here's my $.02 worth:

    If you live in BKK, I would only consider scenario #2. Importing the entire bike as spare parts is what is being done here all the time by the 'grey' importers. But being a farang, I would not import the bike as parts under my own name. If customs see a farang name on the bill of lading and import documentation, you're sure to be hit up badly in terms of import duties. Better ask a friendly bike/parts importer to do it on your behalf, or at least a Thai friend to put their name as importer on the documents. Don't try to put a ridiculously low value on the parts, as Thai customs is notorious for catching up with this game. There's even stories of Thai customs officers contacting manufacturers to find out about the price of engines and frames.

    Scenario #1, riding with the plate of your Varadero might also work, albeit more risky. But if you want to go that route, I would reduce the risk of having it confiscated by the boys in brown by grinding off the KTM name from the engine cases, sticker over the tank with Honda stickers and replace the frame number on the KTM frame with the frame nr of your Varadero. Without these measures I would consider it too risky.

    I don't know about the risks involved of scenario #3, but looks dodgy to me.

    Scenario #4 is what I have been doing for years, but I live in CNX and up north here law enforcement is (still) fairly lax. I ride my dirt bikes mainly off road and also my supermotard on road without a plate. So far no problem. But I won't venture to BKK or the southern part of Thailand without a plate. If you want to transform your SMC into a dirt bike and ride it without a plate, you'd have to transport in a pick-up out of BKK each time you go riding. Not that you would want to ride it in dirt bike mode in BKK traffic anyway, even with a plate.

    BTW, KTM's are quite rare here, and there seems to be a 'rarity' fee or tax charged on them. They definitely cost a bit more than Jap dirt bikes, as the demand for KTMs exceeds the offer.
  4. bomb defuzer

    bomb defuzer Ol'Timer

    Thanks for the advice. I forgot to mention I am planning on moving to Chiang Mai in Sept. That is when the bike will be disassembled and shipped.

  5. rhiekel

    rhiekel Ol'Timer

    I will be very happy to have another member of the elite group of KTM riders in Chiang Mai.... ( Gypsy Rider, Robert ).
  6. bomb defuzer

    bomb defuzer Ol'Timer too. I dont know if it is worth it, though. I am returning to the USA in the fall. I hope to ride the KTM throughout NH and Vermont. I will trailer it there from CA to my Dad's house. You back in town yet? I got an apartment in CM now. Bouncing back and forth btw BKK and CM. Left the bike in CM.

    Shoot me an email if you are back. I will be in CM on 22 June.


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