Bringinga little motorbike in to Thailand legally.

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Muzz, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Muzz

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    I have been pondering the last three years or so what I want to do as an old bastard in Thailand for the Autumn years. After a lot of beer, a bit of illness and some bad luck, I think I have found my little solution. An want to bring a small cc'd motorcycle in from the USA. Now I have done this before a few times but that was many moons ago. Is there anyway nowadays to bring a small 200cc bike in from the USA legally with all the California emission papers etc., into Thailand and do it legally so that I can register the bike and plate it? Of course, I would like to do it as cheaply as I can obviously, the BMW HP2E will go etc., as I don't need a bike that can go 90 MPH in the dirt anymore. It's all changed. Anybody who can help this old fart, there's a cold pint of Cider on the bar for you. [email protected]
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  3. hawaiianbrians

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    Muzz, There are so many decent priced motorcyle choices available here 250cc and under why would you want to put yourself through the pain of trying to import a bike? Unless it has tremendous sentamental value it will probably cost you an arm and a leg plus the time wasted and general pain in the butt it would be to try and get it legal here. Buy a bike here that is already legal and ride the piss out of it or buy one and fix it up to your hearts content. You can get one that is available here with dealer support so you don't have worry about importing parts for it either. Sorry but there's my two cents on the issue.
  4. TonyBKK

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    It's gotten extremely difficult to import second hand bikes into Thailand in recent years, and that's not even getting in to the drama and expense that goes in to getting them tested, plated and registered.

    But brand new dirtbikes of all shapes and sizes continue to flow into the country, most sold as "invoice only" with the understanding they will never be registered for road use.

    Best of luck!
  5. Franz

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    Muzz, just echoing both previous posts, don't do it ! Get something here, Kawasaki gives you a good choice for 125 to 250 cc, Honda has something, some Chinese crap is also available if you want to do a lot of DIY or go for second hand, plated ones. Or get a new KTM Duke 200 or later on a 390, just saw a post of "lightemup" who is trying to sell his modified Duke 200 which would actually be your best choice for on-road or a D-Tracker or a Ninja 250R or a CBR250R, for offroad get yourself a KLX250 or CFR250. Cheers, Franz
  6. DavidFL

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    Don't do it!
  7. monsterman

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    Its just not worth the hassle , worry , cost , bureaucracy , ripoffs , etc etc etc plenty off choice here already

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