Brit SBK race yesterday

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  1. Intersting judgment calls one leadre diqaulifed as he went down as the it was stopped for rain. He got balmed for stoppage no weher near interfering with the race.

    Later Jones went down and I mean big time I think he was doing 160 MPH when he lost it. Knocked him out, he flopped around like a rag doll. Hope he is OK. Ended up laying in the middle of the track. He at least he didn't get ran over by anybody. They red flaggged the race. Enough was done to call it a race. Last I heard they gave Jones the number two spot as a win.

    I bet they are still arguing about this one :roll:
  2. Missed the race too but BSB throws up a lot of talent and tight racing.

    I reckon that the Brands pic is of our very own Honda Honky and I'll even wager that the corner is Surtees coming off the short back straight (Brabhams?)then leading into McCleans right-hander on the Indy circuit ;)


  3. You I enjoy both Motot GP am SBK, but the bikes have to be more closely matched in SBK. Don't see to much od someone being 20 second ahead of everyone lese. Usually a run right down to the line for the win.

    Makes for exciting racing. The annoucers obviously don't have has as many gadgets a SBK. Bit, they sound about as excited a anyone else.

    Oh well both fun.
  4. Great site wish I could do it, backs to messed up. But it sure looks like fun.
  5. nearly right guys. the pics on the left hander is on my gsxr1000 at snetterton on the chicane just before the finish straight.
    the ones on the blue yamaha r6 are on the long right hander before the start-finish straight at brands.
    both awesome tracks oh how id kill for a track like that here in chiang mai.
  6. Doh! I was lead astray by HF saying Brands - sure looks like McCleans though. Never ridden Snet but coming out of McCleans onto the right (Clearways) and the Brands main straight is fecking awesome isn't it? Only surpassed by the feeling of impending doom as you brake like hell at the marshall's hut for Paddock Hill before seemingly dropping off the edge of the world! Damn, I almost wish I was back in England......


  7. Well that is really sad turn of events. I have to say it was without the a doubt really the worse one I have seen. But, I have only been watching for a few years.

    Sorry to hear this.

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