Brno Grand Prix.

Jul 11, 2007
I have just watched the practice of tomorrow's Motor GP in Csekoslovakia. It reminded me an"after many Singha argument" in Nan
with an Aussie rider coming from Chiengmai on a 125 Dream who considerd the Ducati as bullshit compared with the japs bikes,even better than the British bikes of his youth.When you see how Casey Stoner,only his 2nd year in Moto GP,handles this restive bike,i think he would change his mind . You Aussies have the Rossi of the future,may be this year already.Didn'nt you had enoughwith all the titles from Gardner,Doohan,Bayliss,Corser? No harm there,as we say
in french appraisally:" chapeau."
If by any chance that guy i met about 10 years ago in Nan reads me,
i can recall him that in the late 50s i rode a BSA:Bloody Soar Ass.
Keep the power on.Lung