Brrh - it's cold out there. Blankets needed urgently.

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  1. Just had a phone call from the monk father-in-law & blankets are needed by the old folks in his village near Pai.
    So this Sunday 14th December, ride to Pai & back, bring a blanket to donate.
    Depart X-Centre Mae Rim 10.00 AM.
    Ride to Wat Mae Hee, Pai.
    Donate blanket.
    Late lunch in Pai.
    Return to the warmth of Chiang Mai.

    The blankets are for old khon muang people who are suffering in the cold, & don't have enough to keep warm at night.
  2. A few guys have asked about what blankets.
    The grey army type "heavy duty" ones are what is expected.

    Cost no more than 150 baht each. Buy them at Warorot market, or the army surplus on Maneenoparat Road (north side of the moat.)

    You can easily strap 3 or 4 on the bike.

    The request is for 20 people, so we should be able to easily carry that out on just 4 or 5 bikes.

    But bring whatever you can / want. They will all be appreciated, as it is C-O-L-D out there in the mountains at night / early morning.

    Meet at the X-Centre 9.30 AM
    Depart X-Centre 10.00 AM.
    Ride non-stop to Mae Sae.
    Re-group & take a short hot drink break for 15 mins.
    Hit the road & be at the temple Wat Mae Hee around mid-day.
    Handover the blankets.
    Go to Pai city for lunch.
    Depart Pai 2.00 -2.30 PM & be back in Chiang Mai by 4.30 - 5.00 PM.

    All big bikes & riders welcome for a nice Sunday ride of 250 kms return.
  3. Done!
    with blankets donated by Moto-Rex, Contact Travel & the riders.

    The riders
    Davidfl & Scotty007.

    Oh well, we had a good time, made "tamboon", & got blessed.

    The road was thick with traffic cars / mini buses & BIKES. Hundreds of bikes going out to Pai for the bike week party tonight. Indeed it was an exhilarating ride cutting through the traffic there & back.
    And despite the hundreds of bikes we saw only one accident - on the return trip just west of Mokfa waterfall on a sweeping right hander, someone unfortunately lost it & collected the Armco big time.

    Pai is really rocking, with thousands of Thais in town to experience the "big cool."

    After going there for 20+ years who would have ever thought you'd have places like Sa Pan Pai coffee beside the river just out of town.

    Or that the old bridge would be such a tourist attraction
    a must stop & photograph for the city slickers.

    But the bridge is really old
    from BC 1942!

    We stopped on the bridge to photograph the Thai tourists & have a chuckle.
    look at the vehicles lined up for people to have a "bridge coffee & photo."

    After this photo session I took off a little too fast & left Scotty007 behind.

    He never caught up, so after waiting beside the road a bit I doubled back to see.....

    this still on the bridge.
    Yep, a broken BeeEm with a naughty sensor. It would not show neutral, the gear or start. As dead as a......
    This was not a problem really, except that I had a camera & was able to record the memorable occasion for my good mate Scotty.

    After borrowing a screwdriver from the trusty AT tool box, (the BeeEm one would not do the trick) we were able to disconnect & reconnect the battery, & hey presto it all worked.

    Scotty thanks for coming. It was great to be out riding with you again. Next week's trip to Nan should be a ripper.

    Thanks too to Moto-Rex & Contact Travel for donating blankets.
  4. THANKS David would be lost without you and your trusty camera MATE! :D
  5. Looks like you guys had good a day trip out to pie and back.
    Maybe you should visit this store before your next outing. :D

    Nana Screws.
    3/1 90 Assadathon Road. Tel: 053219422.
    (Same street as Piston Shop)
    The best range of hand tools, nuts & bolts etc in Chiang Mai. Definitely worth a visit!


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