Brunch at the Kafe this Saturday the 20th Nov

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  1. Looks like I picked the wrong Saturday to arrive in Chiang Mai with a bunch of you up country for your monthly dinner. I should have known it would conflict when I started planning this a year ago. :sad1:: I will bring my gang of 8 to Brunch anyway, would love to meet anyone still in town. Sameong loop on Sunday then we are off to Nan and a big loop on Monday the 22nd, but will be back for 1 night on Tuesday the 30th. Maybe drinks that night somewhere if anyone has a suggestion. :D David, I will be sorry not to meet you ..... again, I have had a real pleasure trolling this site for information and wisdom. I do have a few motorcycle magazines from Australia and England that I will leave at the Kafe. Thanks again for a great site. Dean Watson.
  2. Dean
    I will be back in Cnx town on Sunday.
    Sunday night I will hang out at the Kafe for Loy Krathong.
    So hopefully we can finally meet up then.
    Ask Gung or Yui at Mr Mechanic if I am back, or Chart the hard working waiter in the Kafe.
  3. Deano got the mags. Thanks. :thumbup:
    See you Tuesday night at the Kafe then. 9pm for me.

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