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  1. I was home recently and met up with a friend who is now riding a Honda FMX650 supermoto type bike. He said that if he goes on a longer journey, he gets a piece of bubble wrap, folds it to suit and sits on it. He reckons it takes a lot of the aches away. It got me thinking that with a few sheets of bubble wrap, a pair of scissors and some glue, you could make some pretty scary underwear.
  2. :take-that:

    My imagenation is flying high already on that,,,,

    but im sure it muct be tru in somehow as Airhawk makes similar consept seat cover's for a bikes and Capt,Splash used that for quite long time and is very happy abt it.
  3. Not a bad idea ..i will try it out ....solving sore bum or looking weird its a no contest.
  4. Here some I prepared earlier...

  5. Looks very cool actually, and like mentioned,might be good in long distance runs.
  6. OMG that is fockin' HILARIOUS! Did you actually make those yourself? Wow- you must have a lot of free time on your hands but bravo- the final product looks awesome :happy5: :lol-sign:
  7. I really had to laugh over these "bubble pants"...just a suggestion, wouldn't be something like "bubble shorts" be easier to make and do a better job as it still gives some airflow, or even funnier "bubble diapers" :D :wtf: :mrgreen: ???

    happy trails,

  8. Unfortunatly I didn't make them.
    I failed sewing in high school getting 13/100
    I'm sure some industrious local could whip up a few pairs though.
  9. Auto sauna pants !
  10. So true and in Winter time, Little "Buff" in the pants will provide cetral heating... :crazy:

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