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  1. As there are no signs on the road at all for the newly found national treasure "Buddha Caves", starting from the hwy 13 intersection, head east on hwy 12 for 13.5 km and there is a turn on the left. This turn seems to be getting ready to move with the construction on HWY 12 so keep an eye out for a frontage type road on the left as you go out, when it ends, turn.
    6.5 km from here go left, 2 km further, follow the sound of music and follow the trail of trash.

    Be careful after the first turn about 4 km along, there is under road water tunnel construction and no signs are out, the drop off come up quickly as they are behind rises on the road.

    The caves are a nice ride out, somewhat impressive but going the way of a remote access Disneyland.

    Ride Safe
  2. Tried to follow the instruction but got hopelessly lost. This weekend I was again in the area and made another attempt using other directions which proved to be OK. When you come from the intersection of Rd 13 and 12 just outside Thakek, continue for about 4 km and turn left. There is a sign here but only in Lao language. Continue on this road (dirt) for a few hundred meters till you reach the old railway embankment. Turn right, follow the road till the road makes a curve to the left. Watch out here as at the moment they are building a new bridge so right in the curve there is a small detour past the construction site. Once you are on the dirt road again continue till you come to a villge on the left side. Take a turn here to the left and continue till you reach the parking area and walk to the cave - about 100 meter.
  3. Aukey did you take any happy snaps?
  4. As with most things Lao, the directions may not be correct since it is a road under construction and as I said in the first post, the turn seemed to be in process of being changed. It's part of finding things, getting lost is sometimes fun as well. Glad you made it out there but it's not a hugely inspirational thing.


    Ride Safe
  5. Hm, not sure it it will work now. Just spent two hours with Yahoo Photo byt only question marks in my message so now I'll try Photobucket.

    Not great works of art and compressining from over 2 MB to some 50 kB also does not help. Anyway, here are a few quick snapshots.

    The cave is somewhere down in the lower part of the picture - the stairs are just visible.

    Going up using the concrete stairs - the bamboo and the wooden stairs in the background have now been abandoned.

    Down there you have to pay before you can go up.
  6. Considering the changing nature of the roads in the area - does anybody have a GPS setting for the cave?
    I hope to visit this Saturday.
  7. Parking area at the Buddha Cave
    N 17 28.564
    E 104 51.283

    Turnoff from Rd 12

    N 17 26.121
    E 104 51.324

    Have fun


  8. Cheers Mate,
    Most helpful - I'll post how I/we get on.
    A mucker is hopefully coming along on his Tenere once admin snafus have been overcome.

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