BUELL in Thailand ?

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  1. Hi Friends,

    A quick question for you knowing LOS more than me...Could we find a BUELL dealer in Thailand ?

    Does someone knows about this bikes in Thailand, second hand, specially imported or ... ???

    I found in love with these bikes years ago when i was not known in Europe and now it is on sale for instance in France and I think it's a quite good value for money, specially for those who could buy it in € with a favourable exchange rate up to now...

    I would look for the LIGHTNING models ( http://www.buell.com ).

    Thanks by advance for the feedback, I am sure Monsterman would learn me something about it.
  2. There are lots of Buells in Thailand , they can be obtained from many sources ,Cyclones ,M1,Lightnings any model is available .I had on before the Ducati.
    Harley Bangkok can gbet new ones to order but there are lots of Legal grey bikes around at cheap prices 420,000 will get a late model lightning with book in mint condition.
  3. Hi Jerry, Hi Friends,

    Thanks for your answer, what would you think about this kind of bike for LOS ? Is it a bike which could run easily and "problemless" in Thailand with the climate, roads and fuel we can find there ?

    I suppose that parts are the same as HD ?
  4. Hi guys,

    I had an S1 Lightning in '98 and it was a great fun bike. The engine is bulletproof as it's a big old-tech understressed H-D Sportster 1200 lump with some headwork e.t.c done to make it go. Handled damn well and wheelied off the throttle in first gear once I'd replaced the stock silencer and airbox and bunged in a dynojet kit.

    I had issues with quality back then but I believe the company has come on in leaps and bounds since. Once did a 1200km 2 day trip on it and I was sore as hell after! I'd class it as a "sunny sunday" bike for ripping about with your mates but if I wanted to do any distance, I'd surely have a second bike in the garage.

    I believe Richie from Richco here in Chiang Mai can get them and he had a beaut X1 Lightning a few months back for similar money to what Jerry mentioned. I think he's got an older S1 in now and I could check it out tomorrow if you are seriously interested Azoulay?


  5. Azoulay, try www.mocyc.com and go to buy and sell (need a Thai for this one if you cannot read) then fill in the quickfinder: 1st field nothing, then: sell, second hand, big bikes and scroll to Buell then enter and you will find loads of Buell's. This website is good, that's where I got part of my bikes. Another try should be www.thaisecondhand.com. Good luck ! regards, Franz
  6. Hi Franz, Hi Friends,

    Thanks for the advises, exactly what i will do, unfortunatly for the reasons you might understand, I have to postpone my venue to LOS, wife and children who should take off from Paris see there flight to be cancelled and according to latest news it will take a while before traffic comes back to normal. Thus I will delay my venue to Sonkran, no way out for us with the business I am involved in....
  7. I have a red and a yellow Cyclone(s). But not with books. Going for a fair price in CM!
  8. Hi Friend Muz,

    Just for curiosity could you ost some pics and gve a price idea ? Do you have enough evidences for a registration ?
  9. Hi Azoulay,

    I should be up in CM for New Year. I will try and see if I can get them registered first anyway as I have copies of the books but I never actually got the real thing, so I don't think they are reported stolen. I would not want to pass them on as such if they were. They are in very nice condition and make a helluva racket!!!!! Will keep you informed...


  10. Hi Friends,

    For those who know about it, would you think it is possible to get a brand new Buell such as a Buell Lightning XB12Scg in LOS and for what price around ?

    Monsterman, would you think the Pattaya HD shop behind Big C who trade such bikes, of course with book ?

    Since I rode it in France that's one of my new passion, on top here in Europe it does not cost a lot, some 10695 € on catalog, which means less practically...
  11. Azoulay ,,, go and speak to Leigh at Wranglers he is a good bloke and wil tell you straight what is possible, PowerStation can get new BUELLS as they are main HD dealers but they also give a lot of bullshit on availability .
  12. Hi Friends, HD and Monsterman,

    Thanks for your feedback, will try this when I'll have the pleasure to be back in LOS, this X'Mas is unfortunately over for us as we had to delay our venue due to the Thai airport situation.
  13. I bought my Harley from a Thai dealer in Suphanburi, he is really good and has fair prices.
    He advertises as Chang Freeman on the Thai Harley site www.hd-playground.com When I was there last month he had just got in another 4 Buells. If you need any more info , I'd be glad to help

  14. Hi Fat Bastard (Hmmmm...Hard to write such "nice name" to a nice guy like you should be, but OK, nevermind),

    Thanks for the information, I visited the site and will register to get access. Seems to be interesting and in full in what I am looking for .
  15. Azoulay, Chang Freeman posts his bikes also on www.mocyc.com
    Good luck in finding a good & legal BUELL !! Cheers, Franz
  16. Dear All,

    buell is out of business. There are still bikes in stock at dealers and HD are supporting the spares... but Buell is gone.
    There are great deals on dealers clearing stock in the USA (probably why there are many new ones around in Thailand).

    If you want a new one... get one now! They are not making anymore.
  17. Hi Paulus, hi Friends,

    Personnally I would be VERY interested to get one brand new O Km, with plates/Green Book at a reasonable price in Thailand, for Thailand use. Just tell if you hear something.

    Many thanks in advance.

    I think it's a very robust bike and when maintained nothing would happen, I got one in France, for me it's a "bull dog" with a huge tork, nearly no maintenance.

    Even if I own already a Ducati, it's an other style of driving, maybe the belt...
  18. I test road a Buell Ulysses once and it was one of the worst handling bikes I have ever tried. You had to fight with the thing to get it around corners and as soon as you released the pressure on the handlebars the thing would flick back upright all by itself, whereas most bikes i have tried have pretty had neutral handling. Very strange.
  19. Try Mocyc and HD Playground for starters.

    Getting a bike registered is one of the big uncertainties over here. On Thaivisa, a company "guarantees" a green bock for a certain price. But that reminds me of a job I'm waiting to get done. the months go by and the lower price is irrelevant as the completion is not near.

    If it's so easy, why don't these seller get it over with for a quick sale at a much higher price?!?


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