Buffalo Horn Hill and Khun Kon Waterfall

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  1. finely , my flight is tomorrow and i will start my north thai tour next week,(got the maps david ,thanks thay look great ) .
    im looking for " Buffalo Horn Hill and Khun Kon Waterfall " supposed to be neer chiang rai but i can't find it on the map.

    can you point me to the spot and add a few words on the road and area .

  2. Try Huai Kon waterfall for Khun Kon waterfall


    For Buffalo Horn Hill you've got me, at the moment.
  3. hello david , on " wikitravel " chiang rai capter on the "do" list thay say
    "Rent a motorbike and go to the temple on Buffalo Horn Hill to have a splendid overview over Chiang Rai by following the old road to Chiang Mai, called Thanon Ratchayotha. Just about when you'll cross the city borders you'll notice a long curve in the road to the right. From this point watch for a hill in the distance at the lefthand side. That's where you want to go"

    and the name of the temple "Wat Phra That Doi Khao Khwai"

    any hint on how to find it ?

  4. hi Erango ,

    you will find a lot of useful locations on this interactive googlemap

    http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&ie ... 458b352d35

    look out for : City Viewing Point , for doi kai kwai , temple on top

    for Buffalo Hill , is close to : Barry´s Driving range and Golfcourse , on the first crossroad going to city view , will ad this later on map ,

    good luck in finding ,

  5. hi ,

    just added Buffalo Hill to the chiangrai googlemap ,

    at the moment i live very close to this area , and it ' s a nice area just out of town , have a nice lake at foot of doi kai kwai , here some pictures , sorry not of the city view , to not spoil all the fun , will leave that up to you




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