Bun Pha Wet Fair 2017 - Roi Et


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Bun Pha Wet Fair 2017
12 March 2017 – 13 March 2017 all-day
WHERE: Bueng Phalan Chai, Roi Et


The “Bun Pha Wet” fair is one of the most important Buddhist ceremonies in the Thai northeastern province of Roi Et. The ceremony is held annually in the 4th lunar month and, this year, the event day is set to take place at Bueng Phalan Chai – the remarkable landmark of Roi-Et, during 12-13 March 2017.

Pha Wet is a word in which the people of the Northeast have corrupted the pronunciation from Phra Wessandon, name of the last reincarnation of the Lord Buddha before his birth as Prince Siddhartha. The belief behind this tradition is that the participants in this preaching ceremony would be born again into the religion of Phra Si Ariya Metrai – the land of eternal happiness as per the Buddhist belief.
Highlights are the sermon on Phra Wessandon of Thet Maha Chat (The Great Birth) which consists of 13 episodes that are to be completed within a day. There are also the ceremony inviting Phra Uppakhut – believed as a patron of the Phawet ceremony, to help safeguard the ceremony and the procession inviting Phra Wessandon and his wife – Lady Matsi – to join and enjoy listening to the sermon on Phra Malai Muen Phra Malai Saen.
The entire premises of the event’s venue will be decorated with 1,000 pieces of flowers, candle sticks, and joss sticks to make it look like Himmapan mythological forest. Participants will have the chance to experience northeastern style of merit making such as the procession of 1,000 rice balls as to pay homage to 1,000 sermons. The ceremony will take place on Sunday, 13 March, 2016 during 5:00 – 6:00 hrs at Bueng Phalan Chai.
Visitors can also enjoy the special cuisine of this fair: Khanom Jin, (Thai vermicelli or khao poon) and steamed sticky rice (khao tom mut) to give away to visitors and offer to the monks in the temple, enjoy the spectacular procession of Phra Uppakhut, procession of each episode of Mahachat sermon, enjoy free khao poon, Northeastern style dinner, and light and sound presentati

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