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  1. I attended Bike Week both Friday and today, Saturday afternoon. It was the first bike show this rookie rider ever attended. Very impressive, thousands of visitors and admission was free. At least 3000 bikes were there and Harleys' probably accounted for 60% of the bikes on display or ridden to the show! I felt out of place on my modest dirt-bike, plus I'm not into wearing the perfunctory leather vest (etc.) that is almost requisite of Harley riders :)

    I'd hoped to meet some of the GT-Riders that rode down from CM, but alas that didn't happen. I'd spoken with Jerry/'Monsterman', but due to his gardening, family and 'honey-do' chores our meeting at the show didn't coincide with each other.

    Some of the many pix taken...reduced in size for faster loading:


    Some of the many food and apparel stands

    Some unusual entertainers - or maybe just primitive bikers..?

    New Harley Heritage Softtail 1250cc with the new Porsche designed engine. Nice! ONLY 1.5 million Bt!! If I could afford that, I'd be buying a condo or house instead :D

    New Harley Sportster

    A look-alike vintage bike...with a belt drive and siren. Cool!

    You'd need simian-length arms to ride this one. The eyes in the skull had lights that blinked while the fan was cooling the engine.

    Some Classic HD's....




    Nice anodyzing job on this low-rider.

    You can't start too young! This kid was absolutely basking in the attention from the crowd...and rightfully too!

    No question, but this was the best off-road vehicle at the show. Well, maybe tha's cuz I am at a point where I'm probably still more confident on a horse than riding off-road :lol:
  2. Returning later that night, only then did I understand how BIG and popular Burapa Bike Week is...

    I'd been to the Pattaya Sports Staduim previously, for other events, but never have I seen it's enormous parking lot completely full of cars. Only two of the many parking rows were blocked off. One was filled, on both sides with vehicle laden with ear-splitting sound equipment and pushing the dB's; the other lane was devoid of cars and had stunt riders doing front and rear wheelies, acrobatic no hands or no feet tricks, etc.

    At the event, I'd guess the population of people had grown from the afternoon's 3,000 to maybe 20,000...and the number of bikes may have now exceeded 7,000. Whatta a spectacle...!

    A few pictures...not good quality...but you get the idea. If Pico was able to
    have been here, then we'd have had some excellent photos!


    Cars laden with speakers lined both sides of the parking lane. Most viewers stood back due to the loudness!

    Pattaya's most hated...at least by those that still have hearing... sound truck.

    There were a few small stages with muscians, but the large stage was the big draw! And it was ROCKING!! YeeHaa!

    All aisles were packed with people...

    Naturally, all of the displays were well lighted.

    And everywhere you looked there were large seas of bikes!

    The beers were flowing...maybe to the chagrin of some. I noticed the line waiting to get info the restroom was 30+ deep each for both men and women sexes.
    It was a fun time and a great party! Burp!
  3. CDRW

    Nice post, and thanx,,,,

    Darn i miss it....well next year then
  4. Thanks for the post CDRW,, also nice to meet Mr Bungy and the chaps from CM and Rustic from BKK.

    a good show ,lots of unusual machines MV,Husaberg,old BSA,URAL and more.

  5. oh oh oh ... can't resist the chance!!

    • "At the event, I'd guess the population of people had grown from the afternoon's 3,000 to maybe 20,000...and the number of bikes may have now exceeded 7,000. Whatta a spectacle...!"
    So I guess the gray market is far greater than the reported 8,000 :lol:

    Great pics CDRW, thanks for posting

  6. Yes this would have to be the premier m/c event for Thailand, great pics and some things I never saw. They even had Indians and tepees and a retro Rock group still living in the 60's, traveling in their old Transit & CF Vans. The site was spread out over a grassy landscaped area so it was hard to get an idea of just how big it was. By the way it was all free. Very well organised.
  7. Forgot to mention - at the party on Sat night it was announced with condolences that a rider from the Norway riders group had an accident and was killed on the way to the meet.
    He didn't say where they were from or any other details. Does anybody have any more info ?

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