Burupa Bike Party (BRIC)

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    That was without a doubt a great party 4 hour trip ( Udon )at most if my wife was right the guy has put a $125 million into the project. I definetly want to go back for the race The football I would go and see that that is really like. Couldn't believe how beautiful the foot ball pitch was it said it was the United Stadium, I have no idea how important that is. They maybe very close to the October open guideline. I saw guys pouring cement while the party was going on. I hope he gets Moto GP and the Super bikes. He said when the track was done it would be 300 baht an hour for track time and you go a fast as you want. We saw something about 3500 baht for a year and I believe 1500 baht for six months. But, I;m not sure what that was for. Poi says that he said they would have Thailand Moto GT for sure. Everything you would need is right there. He did one heck of a job. The bike week the food was free as was water and cola only thing you had to pat for was beer no entrance fr BRIC ( Burapa Raceway International Course)

    They had it sit up for 2500 seating at tables. The owner announced they had 3500 and and there were still bikes coming in. They just kept sitting up tables. They served so much food that our table began turning it down. This one is not a big a Pattaya. that one will be this weekend. I'm not going, I'm going to rest up a bit before the next one.

    My Wife told me the there bid name bands playing for Bangkok. I don't know about that I do know the music was good.

    This is one to keep an eye on for future events, easy ride or drive to get there. If you want to go to a an event better book a hotel early. It's only about 4 Klms outside of town.
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    I hear this bike party was a smashing success! Regret I couldn't make it. A few pics from my friends who got to go on a sighting lap of the new track-

    MotoGP in Thailand... never say never! :mrgreen:
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    The 3500 baht (promotion) advertising is for a season ticket for the 3 leagues. It's definitely worth to come and watch the football, Incredible atmosphere. Bike party was great. Nice bands and a lot (to much!!) free food. There were riders from all over Thailand and even from Laos cambodia. Only +500cc where allowed to come in.







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