1. My wife went to present my Ducati green book for the S4 its all in order but they fined us 3000 baht for illegal exhausts even though they were the ones it was inspected with at import and registration.I am fuming.It was pay up or the bike gets impounded even though its legal......thats extortion.

    Wonder if there is any legal argument here? but i am in UK now and not planning to nreturn for a while i am pissed off with Thailand generally.
  2. Monsterman

    welcome to thai legal system..

    i have similar system than you, but i was fucked by immigration as they forgot to stamp my passport when i left the country for 1mth and now my permanent recidency visa process is fucked and need to start all over again and it's not my fault again, but nothing i can do...

    i heading to Lao today to start my visa again, first time after 8yrs,,,they said it's my fault,, :shock: i didnt checked,,,well i guess it is..

    life suckes sometimes..your got off easy 3000 only i got my visa canselled and 8yrs of work gone,... :cry:
  3. Sorry to hear that Marco.

    A married couple I know have just been jumping through hoops.

    2 weeks ago on returning into the country, she was stamped with a 12 months stay on entry and him a 90 day! The office where they attended last week for their preliminary annual visa application extension pointed this out & said the 12 months was cancelled, they must leave & enter again and this time get it right!

    This week Immigration in CM told them they need double the retirement money in their bank (800k each, instead of previous years 400k each) and yet their neighbours who are also both married expats were ok with 400k each the previous day.

    Crazy times eh !

    Good luck in sorting it out Marco, commiserations MonsterMan.

  4. Colin & Ally

    now back from Savannaket and i have to say it's really small world,, i was walking with wifey along the road when one farang turned in with shiny 750AT,, so i was after him and catch him up on the local corner and started to chat,, bike is in cambodian plate so asked from him if he is ridin there and he said he is living in Lao and i was very familiar of GT pages and he is Friend of HARRI the FIN and knows jimoi and many others, he use to stay in shoutha dn riding in cambodi,, oh yeah, his name is JEROME, from France, nice lad, gave me good info regarding roads for our up coming LAO tour by end of this year and told me to say hello to every one who reqognice him....

    my visa, well now next step is going back to immigration and start whole process again and i think i can contniue with 400 in the bank as i started that it was 200,,,but will see,

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