Buy 2nd hand Motobike in BKK 15-35k THB

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  1. farangtses

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    Hello everybody !

    I'm looking for a 2nd hand bike in BKK, price between 15-35k THB, depending of the motorbike model / condition ;

    The first thing is i want the green book, i don't want a copy, i don't want to hear that there would not have any problem if i buy your bike without the green book, if you don't have it just pass your way, i won't negotiate on that point.

    Here is my wish list :

    1) Honda CBR 150
    2) Honda wave 125i
    3) Honda airblade 125
    4) Honda click 125
    5) Yamaha nouvo 125
    6) Yamaha Mio 125

    No Fino / Filano, scoopy, PCX, Dream or any 110CC and the bike should not be over 4 years old.

    The bike should have never been crashed / dropped or whatever which could have damaged it, having a filled maintenance book is a plus (but not necessary).

    Please advice if you are selling it with current year tax and / or insurance / any warranty remaining.
    I live in BKK and i can come to see the bike almost everywhere in BKK

    Feel free to contact me for anything ;
    Thanks in advance !
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  3. KZ25

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    All those bikes come with a green book.
    Depending on what you want to do I recommend the CBR or the Nouvo.
    The old carbed CBR should be available for around 35K but may be high mileage and more than 4 years old.
    The Nouvo 135 is a great automatic bike and available for 35K in good condition, 2-3 years old. Older Nouvos are cheaper but that's the 115cc version (there's no 125cc Nouvo apart from the new FI one which has the engine of the Mio).
    Do you want to do distance by yourself? Take the CBR.
    Do you want to cruise the backroads on a comfy ride with a GF in the back? Take the Nouvo.
    I've got a '09 Nouvo 135 I'd sell for 35K but I live in Songkhla. Come on down and ride it back!
  4. farangtses

    farangtses Member

    Hello there ! Thanks for answer ;

    In fact i mostly knew all of this already ;)

    By the way, i really like and need to use gears, this is why CBR is on my top list, i don't want one of the new CBR, not because of the price but simply because they're way too big, the old ones are just perfect, thin as a bee, able to slalom easily everywhere.

    Honda wave's are my 2nd top choice, it's probably the actual strongest and easiest repairable bikes, it's simply unbreakable!, in fact i had one a couple of months ago in Bkk, just before that somebody stole me ....
    I had done 16, 000 km with it everywhere in Thailand without having the single less problem, that's easy, you could drive 24/7 all around the world the Honda waves would just never broke !

    So, if i can't get any of those 2 bikes, i'd go for an auto Honda, i really like this brand, it's super strong and you can fix anything everywhere for almost nothing.

    As i try to do be "open minded" i'm also having a look to the others brands, just in case ;)

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