Buy and register dirt bike?


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Feb 12, 2004
Hi, I'm going to be living in Thailand for a while on a non-immigrant visa and I want to purchase a new motocross/enduro bike in the 250cc range. Which models are available in Thailand to purchase new, not used? Are they only available in Bangkok?

Also, I'm going to be staying with a Thai family. Do I need to use their address to register my bike? What kind of documents/proof do I need that I live there?

Thanks in advance,


Jan 20, 2003
Hi Nicole

Here is some info that is reasonably current.

Bike availability depends on what the importers have brought in. There are no factory dealers for bikes like that.

My mechanic in Chiang Mai just bought a new 250 to use as a rental. Honda Baja model. Price was in the 80-85,000 baht range.

Registering the bike is another story. The plate for that bike will probably cost an additional 60,000 baht, and currently it is taking at least 6 months to get the plate.

You can register the bike in your name on a tourist visa, so you won't have a problem there. You will need a form with a local address. You can get one from your embassy or consulate. US embassy charges about $50. Or, you can get one at the Thai immigration office - 300 baht and 2 photos. You just need to give them the address, no proof needed - at least that is what they do up in Chiang Mai, where I just use a friend's address.

If you really need a registered bike, you might be better off with a used one that already has a plate.

Good luck.