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  1. Hey all.
    I live in Phuket and would possibly like to buy a BMW bike from one of the dealers.
    Im looking for a BMW F650 GS Dakar.

    Reading through some of these threads, I realize its probably a big mess, like everything else in Thailand and consistency isnt exactly the order of the day or is it?

    My question would be.

    If the dealer has it in stock, how long time would it take and how much would it be in registration to allow me to take it out and ride it?
    What does the registration entail in detail?
    Whats a green book? and so on..

    I have never bought a bike in Thailand before and only found this site a couple of days ago. So Im a complete n00b on this subject.

    I have already sent the question to CRM Barcelona on email a couple of days ago, but no replies back yet. I tried getting them on the phone also, but the connection here in Iraq, where I am currently, sucks and I keep loosing connection.

    I would like to buy a bike and ride it to Scandinavia and back to Thailand this spring/summer.

    So any help would be appreciated.

  2. Capt Slash,
    Interested, whats the milage on it and what else?
    Yours is a GS or Dakar?

    Note: Also have a request out on BobS's bike for pics.

    Got a reply back from Barcelona, they didnt have any Dakars.

    I used to ride the GS in the Army and found I bottomed the front end out a lot with all the loaded gear and in terrain.

    I dont have a residence permit, nor a Non-imm O visa. I stay on 30 days stamps because I work rotation work outside Thailand, but Im on my 3rd year here now.
    So basically a rental agreement signed by my landlord would be enough to transfer the registry to me?

    If travelling outside Thailand on a bike like this, I read that people talk about a "Carnet" piece of paper, is that necessary for a Thai bike or is the green book the equivalent of it?

    Lots of questions, but Im new to this, Ive been renting scooters when Im in Thailand, but now I want to do a sort of around the world trip, so I guess I would need a little more than a Yamaha Mio :p

    You probably will need a visa. A 30 day's "visa" at border will not do it and it doesn't help that you have been here many times.

    The carnet is very usable in most country except Thailand but you will not be able to get one in Thailand.

    The green book is the register book for your bikes. It has nothing to do with the carnet which is a custom duty bond promised by your residence country's automobile club if you do not re-export the vehicle.

    The green book will be good for all countries where you can go. Singapore demands an official English translation of it.

    For your information all these questions are already several times answered on this site. Pls do some surf before you ask....

    Best rgds

    Oh I saw you had some more questions in your earlier post.

    If you buy from an official dealer a new bike you will get a red plate which you can use locally. After 1-3 months you will get the real plate together with the Green Book.

    The registration process is nothing you have to deal with. It is taken care by your dealer.

    If you intend to go to Scandinavia and back during the spring/summer you will have to drive all the time. My friend PEXA just came to Thailand overland from Finland and he used 3 months for it. He hopefully/probably will put a story on this site about his trip and you can contact him when your plans are more concrete.

    HIKO again
  5. HIKO

    Thanks, me and the search function dont get along very well :)

    Did your friend manage to drive all the way or did he have to ship his bike past China or Burma?

    The more I get into the planning of this, the more impossible it seems to get a bike into China. When I started to think about this trip, China was the main attraction on the way it seems.

    I know it will take a while, fortunately, Im out of a job end of the month and have no plans for the rest of the year so far, other than this bike trip, which now will go through parts of Africa as well.

    Will contact PEXA to ask some questions as well, thanks.

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