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Buy Riding Gear CM

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by SilverhawkUSA, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. Can anyone recommend, or know of, a good place to buy or rent riding gear (boots, gloves,etc.) in Chiang Mai or Northern Thailand? Thanks.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice "What the Heck" is usually the correct answer?
  2. For boots try the boot maker on Chotana Road, Chang Puak, opposite the Teachers College. I've had 2 pairs made there for 3,500 baht a pop and they are good. I get 12-18 mths out of a pair with heavy, almost daily, use. Sorry don't know the name of the shop, (its a bit of a no-name shop.)
    For a leather jacket try New Boonkrong Leather, on the Sankamphaeng road, on the right hand side going out. From what I can gather they should be ok. I'm lining up for a new jacket there in a couple of months. I expect cost to be 6-8,000 baht price range with a bit of luck = local non-tourist price. My previous (current leather jacket) cost me 3,500 baht 8 years ago & was made privately by one of the guys who worked at New Boonkrong, but he is no longer around.
    Hope this is a help – let me know how you go.

    Keep the power on
  3. As usual, you are a wealth of information. I am still in the "over the counter" mode and fail to think about the wealth of "custom made" resources in this area. Thanks again.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice "What the Hell" is always the correct decision?
  4. And another one. For gloves & off-road gear try Bee at his new bike shop - Motocross Shop, opposite the Westside Pub on Wangsingkham Road.

    Keep the power on
  5. Downstairs in Carefore there is an army type shop, the youngman (keen biker) that owns it, now and again he picks up the odd large biking leather from Chat-tu-Chac market in BKK, don't bother with Cha-tu-chac yourself as you'll be wandering around all weekend looking. Starting at 2,500BHt (Thai price) he's also got some boots in. I bought some steel toe capped boots on the north corner of Chaing Puak Gate -800bht well happy with them.

    Dave- Had a shock walking into Charts new place last night, amazing!

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