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  1. Hi,
    Has anyone ever had experience with purchasing a motorcycle in Thailand without actually being in Thailand. I ask because I have one in mind but will not be in Thai for another 2 months, and I think it will be sold by then :)
  2. Have bought and sold vehicles here in absentia, but only to people I know and trust. In general I'd advise that what you're considering is generally quite risky and you have little recourse if the deal goes sour...
  3. Have to agree with the advice given, although I would say there are some trustworthy people even here in Thailand. The trick is to know one when you see one. Where is the bike you want to buy and what is it, may help to get you more detailed advise.
  4. Hi,
    The Bike is in Pattaya and I have a friend living there. I have not been able to contact him though, he might be touring.
    What I really want to know is if I get him to check it out, making sure serials match and that is isn't stolen. Will I be able to get the green book transferred to my name before I get to thailand.
  5. To get in your name you need to provide signed copies of your passport and visa/current stay stamp as well as proof of your Thai address, that comes from a work permit, or a letter from a consulate or immigration, you also need to sign the transfer forms or a power of attorney form to allow someone else to sign for you. Does not sound as if it is realistic or even possible to do before you come.
    Maybe the only option if you really do trust your friend, is to get him to register in his name. You can later transfer to your own name, although you will have to pay a transfer fee of 0.5% of the value of the bike as determined by the Thai office. You can get him to write you a letter of permission to use the bike, which would get you over the border crossings even if his name is still in the book
  6. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for replying. the bike is a Versys, the price seems not to bad. I have looked at a few online, and seen the asking prices, but not sure what they end up selling for. I own a V here in canada, I like it a lot. Oh well I guess I'll wait till I get to Thai and see what I can find.

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