buying a bike in Laos and driving to Cambodia and Vietnam

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  1. Hi all !

    I'd like to buy a motorbike in Laos and drive it south to Cambodia and Vietnam (and maybe Thailand) ...

    So my question is to know if I'll be able to cross the borders "easily" ... ? I've run the search and found many topics concerning driving vietnamese bikes from VN to Laos, but nothing about Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam.

    Do I have to have proper ID papers for the bike ? is it possible to have some for a non-Laos citizen ??

    ANY advice will be more than welcome !

    thanks a million
  2. Can't be done., Best bet is to buy a Thai bike.
    I don't think you can take a Lao registered motorbike out of the country without special permission.
    If you're in Laos already, just ask at one of the rental shops - Jules or PVO - & they should be able to give you an answer.
  3. not sure if its possible but I know Thierry from Jules has some 250 Yamaha's for sale but you may find bikes cheaper in Thailand!!
  4. thanks a lot for your answers !

    so you think that if I go to Thailand and buy my bike there it will be OK to cross the borders ??

    do you have any advice about what I should buy that could be easlily repaired everywhere in laos, cambodia and vietnam ? I don't want to be stuck for a month waiting for a part to come from thailand !!

    oh yeas, and do you know how long it will take to sort all the papers stuff when I'll buy the bike in thailand ? and will I have to pay taxes when leaving the country ?

    thanks a million !
  5. Paul,

    I agree with David as Thai papers will be the easiest to deal with. Lao plated bikes - as of official Ministry of Transport rules - are not permitted to cross the border to Thailand. There are some exceptions but they are usually NGO or embassy plated bikes and few of them. Some folks here will sell a bike with papers that may work getting into other countries but you should be cautious on this as it really comes down to the man in the uniform at the border, not the one that sells the bike.

    Thailand is your safest bet. Cambodia is also if you have a fully tax paid bike. My suggestion to purchase would be Bernard at The Bike Shop.

    It may also make sense to take a rental out of Chiang Mai depending on how long you will stay in the region.

    A properly plated Vietnamese bike - A 6 papers and all can cross to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia but the prices are a bit higher than elsewhere.
  6. OK ... I'll try Thailand then ... do you know a thai city not too far from Vientiane where I could find second hand bikes ??
    I don't look for monsters ... 250 would be great.
  7. There are few places in Udon - If I'd have to get a second hand bike, I might be going to Chiang Mai or looking on Baht and Sold.
  8. Do you have the names of the good and trustly dealers wher I could go in Udon ??
    What bike would you recommend in 200 or 250 cc ??

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