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Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by craigschuler, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. craigschuler

    craigschuler Member

    Has anyone experience of buying a bike new in Laos? If so any tips on registration/insurance etc?

    I have four months to travel around the entire country so buying a bike there seems the way to go...


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  3. jimoi

    jimoi Ol'Timer

    4 months in Laos? Seems like a little too much but could be excellent on the right off roads and such.

    I'd have a Cambodian plated bike, that way you can cross into Thailand or back down to Cambodia easily. 250's are on the expensive side here unless you by from a resident, insurance is no problem, cheap and easy from AGL and they have offices in VTE and at the borders. I have only had bikes registered in Cambodia and Vietnam, it is so much easier to get in and out of the country.

    I just happen to know someone with a 250 for sale....


    Ride Smart, Ride Safe.
  4. craigschuler

    craigschuler Member

    I'm carrying out a photographic monograph on the different peoples within Laos, hence the extended time period.

    I'm not an 'off-roader" as such but want to buy a bike, probably just a 125cc, to get me around the country. I'm visiting October - March so hoping things won't be too wet. I'm concerned regarding paperwork as I'm not a resident in the country.


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  5. hello,

    easy to buy a bike in laos but ifyou are coming here for only 2 months why don't you rent one...for a so long period you could find it for let say 400 per month or less...a 250 honda baja which is the best available locally.

    If you want to buy the same bike good condition you must put at least 3000/3500 USD ! paper work+re sale....

    125 cc no available not know any.

    if you do not plan to go off road and have long trips, buy a Honda dream type, you can get chines made at 400 USD, Korean made 700, Thai made(best) 1,000 USD.

    keep in touch

    jean louis

  6. craigschuler

    craigschuler Member

    Jean Louis thanks, but I mean October to March (with December out of the country), which is 4 months. I became friendly with the director of the Kolao motorbike company earlier in the year and they have Honda Dream like copies for $650 (this is their best model, they also have cheaper versions) so I was looking at buying something along these lines, halfway in price and quality between the Chinese and Thai made Hondas.

    It's just the paperwork as a foreigner that I'm a little unsure of...

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  7. paper work, Easy ! No problem at all.

    see you

    jean louis


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