buying a bike in thailand

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  1. I've entered Thailand on a 1 month tourist visa..and have read that a 3 month tourist visa is necessary to buy a bike? Is there a way of getting around this? And regarding a Thai address..can't I simply use a Thai persons address? Any help greatly appreciated
  2. This is one of those.. There is no answer type questions..

    The law says you need a non imm visa.. But I have bought bikes and cars on everything from a 30 day visa exempt stamp, to tourist visa, to non imm visa to annual extension.. Its purely local policy that dictates this.

    Go somewhere in the boonies where they never see farangs, it might be much harder, but in tourist and expat centers, they usually tolerate it.

    One thing you will need is your 'proof of address' which can be things you wont have (yellow house book, work permit) or a slip from immigration or a letter from your embassy or consul. These should be free but immigration usually charge a few 100b and if you pay them dont mind issuing them based on any rental agreement, even one in a hotel in some places. Again its purely local interpretation often influenced by a few 100b.

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