Buying a bike on a tourist visa (or applying for a O visa?)

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    Hi all,

    I posted previously asking about buying in Malaysia vs Thailand. You all convinced me to buy in Thailand. The challenge I have is that I'll likely be in Thailand on a tourist visa. My partner and I are only in our 30s, so a retirement visa is out of the question. We'll be doing some philanthropic work while we travel, so I'm going to call the Thai consulate and see about getting a longer-term visa, but I'm not banking on it.

    Which raises the inevitable question: how easy/hard is it to purchase a bike and get it properly registered on a tourist visa? I'm nervous about flying all the way to Asia (from California) only to discover we can't actually buy bikes. The alternative would be to buy bikes stateside and then ship them to BKK. But I'd need to start that in motion soon if we go that route.

    So, any advice, stories, experience with buying bikes on a tourist visa? We'll probably head straight to Chang Mai when we get in, so we'd be looking to buy/register there.

    And also: any experience with getting a Non-immigrant O visa without being an old fart?

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