Buying And Owning A Motorcycle As A Foreigner In Malaysia?

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  1. DaRider

    DaRider Ol'Timer

    Hello Forum!
    Its been awhile since my last post, I hope you all are doing well.

    I'ts looks like Im finally getting around to buy a bike for myself around these parts.

    Current circumstances points towards buying and getting ownership for the bike in Malaysia would be the most flexible and sensible choice.

    however, I've only been able get hold older information dealing with foreigners buying new bikes at dealerships, but that sounds incredibly smooth. Your passport with valid entry stamps is all the paperwork needed, the dealership handels registration and transfer of ownership, which should take two working days...

    Here's a story from 2011 that I fund. I've read others that I can't find at the moment, and also spoken with a few farangs I've met that had done the same. But again, buying new from a dealership, and the bikes have been up to 250cc. I've also searched for Malaysian motorcycle forums without much luck..

    So, the questions pile up (the whole bunch).
    • Is the information above about buying from a dealership still valid, or has that changed in any way?
    • Would buying anything above 250cc. (400-800cc something rather) complicate things in any sort of way?
    • and the most important question, how would I go about getting ownership documents if buying a used bike from a private seller??
    If any of you knowledgeable people could help shed some light on any of these questions, or hint towards where to find up-to-date information regarding the same, i'de be tremendously grateful.

    Any and all replies are highly appreciated!

    P.S Admin, if the post is in the wrong subforum please move it.

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  3. Goran Phuket

    Goran Phuket Moderator Staff Member

    Regarding buying motorcycle in Malaysia, details still the same.
    It doesn't matter if you buying 100 or 1800cc bike, same rules apply.
    If buying used bike, you have to go with seller together to JPJ (Malaysian Road and Transport Dept), transfer the ownership right before the clerk, make a payment to seller and some small registration transfer fees. Your name will be added to so called "Geran" or Grant, a A4 Pink form confirming you are the current owner. The entire process takes less than half an hour.
  4. DaRider

    DaRider Ol'Timer

    Many, many thanks for the reply Goran Phuket,

    It really does sound very, very smooth (almost to the point I think I must be missing something crucial :)).

    Does payment to the seller has to be made in full in front of the JPJ-clerk?
    And, is the "Geran" form the only document I would have to carry to verify that the vehicle is registered in my name, no vehicle-book, no other form of registration-papers??

    If there is anything to clarify or add, please post (the more info the better)!
    And, if there is any obvious pitfalls I'm heading for with this whole idea, please post!! :)

  5. Goran Phuket

    Goran Phuket Moderator Staff Member

    JPJ Clerk doesn't really care what is the deal between you two. You may give him (the seller) the payment the moment clerk starts working on ownership transfer procedure.

    Geran is the only thing you need to show at the border. In Malaysia they don't have any other vehicle books for cars and motorcycles.
    Once you reach the Thai border they will enter info from Geran into computer system and stays there forever.

    I lived in Malaysia 8 years and done this many times. You have nothing to worry about.
  6. DaRider

    DaRider Ol'Timer

    Well, I don't know what to say except, thank you a whole lot again!

    It looks like I'm one step closer to actually getting this thing going. :)

    If anyone comes to think of anything to add concerning buying/owning a bike in Malaysia, please go ahead!

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