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  1. Just wondering, does any one of you guys know who is a reliable motoshop in or around Chiang Mai? I'm looking to buy a little offroad (KLX 250) to explore the world overthere (basicly drive it through LOS, Laos and Cambodia).
    Few years ago I rented an XR250 at a place called Jaguar (??) and later rented a KLX at Pop's, so these I know, are there any other around?

    I would be very gratefull if any of you could give me some updates, I was looking here to buy a bike, but now all the good ones seem to be gone...
  2. I've got the same question about Phuket, however if there are no such places in Phuket, I can travel to Chiang Mai.
  3. Have you considered the Kawasaki dealership? I think they might have a KLX250 or two... ;)
  4. @Nikster, considered I have, but buying a brandnew KLX for just a few weeks seems a little over the top for me. In the best case I would keep the bike and put it away in a friends shed for a year, but even then getting a new one to ride 4 weeks and let it stand for the next 48 seems a little foolish to me.
    Besides, I was told that a secondhand bike is easier to enregister than a new one, they said it would be faster done. Correct? Or have they told me stories?

    Oh, I think Pop's is a Kawa dealer, he sure has a lot of them.

    thanks for the reply
  5. Hi mate

    I just posted a similar thread in the General Discussions Forum. I'll copy it in here as it may be of some use...

    I actually just arrived in Chiang Mai yesterday so had a quick look around at what was on offer. It seems they have a bunch of CBR 250's, D-Tracker 250's, KLX 250's and Phantom 200's for rent for 800 Baht a day, which means there must be some about for sale, but i think they are more in the 70-100,000 baht territory, so maybe a little pricey for me. Although I guess I could buy here and then re-sell somewhere near Phuket which would mean I could spend a little more?...we'll see.

    A guy I met yesterday mentioned a local bike market open on Sunday morning called the Mae Jo bike market on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, where apparently they have good value second hand bikes for sale, so I'll probably head there and hope to pick up either a second hand CBR, DTracker or Phantom...or something along those lines. Trying to stick with Honda though because of the fact they're a little easier to fix out here.

    Anyway, thanks again for the advice. If anyone has a bike they wanna sell in Chiang Mai, let me know. I'll be keeping an eye on the sellers forum.
  6. IMHO, you'd be crazy to buy for 4 weeks... 28 days at 1000THB Full price is only 28000... If you come back in two years, and get another one for 4 weeks for 28000THB, you are still ahead of buying one...

    And you should get it cheaper for a long term rental...

    get you mate to run around and negotiate the rate and ACTUAL bike, so you don't have to worry when you turn up... and they don't give you the shop shitter...

  7. @ Daewoo, you're spot on my doubts, buying or renting. I looked around last year in Chiang Mai, and found only very few who would allow me to take a rented bike to Laos and found none that even considered letting me ride it to Cambodia. I just wonder what happens if a Belgian, with a European International drivers licence, shows up at the Laos - Cambodian border with a Thai rented motorbike? I heard all kinds of stories.
    On the other hand, I'm planning to return frequently so my own ride might be a good thing (so I can adapt it to my whishes).

    Letting my friend scout for a bike?? Hmm, he barely sees the difference between a Wave and a Goldwing - "there both Honda's right??"...
  8. I would not recommend Platinum!!!
  9. Thanks 2wheels for showing me the ad, but I agree with KZ25, it's tiny. It does look nice and clean though, nearly brandnew even. But being used to an XRV 750 and a CRF 450, it might feel somewhat small...
  10. If that's the case you'll find and of the D-Trakker, KLX or CBR options have the same problems.
    That aside, I wouldn't consider a platinum either lol
  11. That's why I would buy one, ride it this year as it is and next year install a big-bore cilinder, decent exhaust and better brakes.
    Last year in Pai I rode my guide's KLX 300, competition machine, it's a huge difference. Well, still is no 450, but it's acceptable...
  12. A couple of things: all rental bikes I've seen or know about are in below average to awful condition. I've rented Phantoms twice for a month and both times it was a disaster. Leaky fork seals, chains and sprockets in terrible condition, suspension shot, tires with cracks in the tread, ugly! If running around town on a Click or Wave, fine do it but if you want to use a bike for an extended period of time on a long ride it's better to buy. There is one exception to this rule -- new rentals. I rented a CBR250 here in Chiang Mai last week and it was in excellent shape. Why? It is brand new and the rental places haven't had time to abuse them yet. I would be willing to bet that by next year at this time those will be trashed too. Rental dealers squeeze the last bit out of every part before replacing it.

    AFAIK, You cannot take a rental bike out of the country. The rental outfits I spoke with unanimously told me, No way!

    I have a friend interested in buying a KLX 250. He says they are in mighty short supply. He was unable to find one in Chiang Mai and he knows this area very well. He rented one the other day and reported that it was in terrible shape. He cherry-picked many KLXs at Pop's and elsewhere here and this one was the best he could find.

    My 2 cents
  13. your 2 cents sure do cheer me up Dave, one way you do confirm what I already knew, that rental bikes are a lottery, the other way you make me even more sure to buy my own bike, even if it would take a search. Buy a bad ex-rental and fix it.

    Btw, I recently heard that Honda was planning to build a factory in LOS. Ergo avoiding importtaxes... anyone heard that rumour too?

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