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  1. Hi All,

    First post on this site. I am new to motorcycling and will need to buy some gear eventually (like when I get a bike). I am heading overseas next March possibly to Phuket.

    I was wondering if it is worth buying some gear while I am there such as a jacket and some pants? I heard that in places like Vietnam you can pick up decent quality gear for fairly cheap, is it the same there?

    Can anyone reccommend some shops to check out while I am there?


  2. Better off bringing your own gear as selection here is limited and usually more expensive. Only real shops are BKT and CNX.
  3. Siinthai is spot on, best to get it in OZ. I cant believe how cheap riding gear has became in OZ these days.
    Also you'll get more choice, and gear will fit right.
    Dont know what the shops in Darwin are like, but Id check out Ballards. There great to deal with, and have big specials around this time of year when the old stock has to make way for the new.
    Ive brought stuff from them in the past, and its there the next day.

  4. Thanks for the reccomendations guys, Darwin has only 2 motorbike shops, one has an ok range of gear the other one is fairly limited. We dont even have a kawasaki dealer anymore, which is a shame as I was looking at getting a KLR650 :(

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