Call back 800GS and 650GS for radiator hose

Bert on the bike

Oct 5, 2007
During a recent trip to Nan the radiator hose of my 800 GS came loose and I neede to re-install it before being able to continue the trip (I was lucky because I discovered it at a gas station). When back from the trip I heard about a guy who recently bought a 650 GS. He had the same problem but the hose really came off and he got hot water over his legs. He contacted Barcelona Motors and Barcelona Motors told him that there was a call back on the 800GS and 650GS for the radiator hose.

I called Barcelona motors today and they confirmed that the hose should be replaced and asked me to bring in the bike to do so.

It seems that they are not contacting the owners of motorbikes by themselves, that is why this posting. If you own a 650GS or 800GS it might be good to contact your dealer to check if your hose should be replaced. Better then the hose coming off in the middle of nowhere with having enough water with you to refill the radiator.


Nov 22, 2005
Hello ! I had this problem with my 800 GS in januaray 2010 in Chiang Mai. In internet I found out, that there is a call back about the hose. BMW Thailand didn't know about it. When I was back home I contacted BMW Germany and asked them, why the call back procedure in Thailand is not the same as in Germany. They told me it is exactly the same, ! ? Sounds like a joke ! But anyway, when the hot water is not running over my pants I love this bike :)