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  1. Pikey


    As some/most will probably know, there was a very bad incident back in November in Laos with a motorcycle tour company that has left a Thai guy called "Yoi" potentially facing up to 15 years behind bars.
    See topic [email protected] for details.

    What hit me was DavidFL's post in the thread about happy new year and to spare a thought for poor old Yoi. Personally, I have never met him but having spent a couple of unpleasant nights temporarily behind bars in the UK, I can't begin to imagine what the conditions must be like in a country such as Laos, especially knowing that you could be in there "long term". That spurred me onto thinking that maybe with all the activity of GT-Rider people visiting CNX in the "high" season, we could liaise with various popular hangouts to put a jamjar or something up for contributions to make the guy's time a bit easier.

    I know we are not all rich but just bunging in a few baht into a pot and having it collected once in a while, would be a nice gesture and make a BIG difference to Yoi and his family.

    I've talked with DavidFL about this and for sure if we raise some cash it will go directly to Yoi, so for the time being, just post your feelings/ideas and then we can setup some collection points at popular GT-R establishments (suggestions welcome) with the co-operation of the owners and maybe do a little to help the guy out.


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  3. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Pikey, good idea, I will certainly contribute...... you never know when one day it may happen to one of us, and it would be comforting to know that some one is looking out for us.
  4. pee

    pee Ol'Timer

    Good idea mate. I am based in Bkk. However I will certainly come up in your beautiful northern area for riding during this dry season. I won't forget to contribute. I believe Yoi got caught by bad luck. It can happen to all of us.
  5. Like the train of thought, must have been Kat's idea! Will certainly contribute. Maybe you could make up some A4 size posters with a brief message explaining Yoi's plight?
  6. Pikey


    Hi Jules,

    Happy New Year mate. Nope, def not Kat's idea because as soon as the word "motorbike" is mentioned, her brain goes into isolation mode and she starts thinking about som-tam. [;)]

    Think there will be a few people in the Kafe tomorrow night so we can chat about it but yep, a little poster next to a jamjar would be a good idea.

    See you in about a month I think?


  7. scot harper

    scot harper Ol'Timer

    Hey Pikey, make it a international pledge and see how we can send some funds to David Fl to go to the needy familly, could we elect funds tranfer to david Fl's account?....Scott...Land of Oz.
  8. Pikey


    Hey Scot,

    Dunno about that but good idea although could be complicated and bank charges (thieving gits) would prob cost more than the donation. I think DavidFL is on the road at the moment but no doubt he will reply when he reads this thread.

    Cheers & all the best for 2007.

  9. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Scot you can transfer money via www dead easy from OZ to LOS (Land of smiles), I regurarly transfer money from my St George account to my thai bank in Phuket, takes about 3-5 days, there is a $20 surcharge so be good to get a few donations from oz, and send them over in 1 go. No problem sending it to my account if no one else over here has facilitys
  10. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer


    Davidfl is way ahead of you, at least on a personal basis. I just returned from LPB where David asked me to reimburse a friend of Yoi, who has been bringing him food on a daily basis and some clothes, with some of his map money I picked up. David has been pretty heavily involved in this, not just talk. I give him credit for taking time from his maps at a busy time to help sort some of this out.

    Yes, I think as a group we can work something out and it shouldn't be that difficult. Just arrived home from Laos this evening, let me give it some thought.
  11. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Hi All,
    I am up for helping the Guy, I have already talked with David about it and i think he is finding out exactly what is needed to bring him home, better than just feeding the poor Bugger!!! I would like to see "You Know Who" put in his place for deserting Him!!! Just let me know where and when?
    Cheers Ian.
  12. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    I think that Yoi is only short 70,000 baht now, but will check with his g/f & sister & police in LPQ in the next day or two then report how & where to donate.
  13. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The police officer handling the case in Luang Prabang claims that the next of kin and injured are still holding out for 700,000 Thai baht = 500,000 baht for the deceased plus 200,000 baht for medical expenses for the 5 injured persons and damaged pick-up (a write off.)
    Yoi seems to believe that if he has 70,000 baht cash in hand he might be able to cut a deal with the injured, gain "bail" and then negotiate an amount for the deceased & return to Chiang Mai.
    To date he has received zero baht from his employer & has survived remarkably well.
    At the Horizons Unlimited Meeting in Chiang Mai this weekend people who wish to help can donate to one of two kittys to assist either
    (1) Yoi in LPQ or
    (2) his girlfriend in Chiang Mai who can no longer afford the rent & needs to move from her place of abode.
    I personally would like to see 70,000 baht raised for Yoi to have a chance to get out of jail, but I would also like to have some sort of assurance that the 70 thou would definitely secure his release or it will be in vain & were are still stuck at square one.
    Realistically I also don’t think he has a chance unless some money is put down on the table in front of the aggrieved parties to see what their reaction is - will it be enough, or will they still need more, and if so how much…
  14. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    At the finish of the Horizons Unlimited Meeting in Chiang Mai last night the GT Rider's helmet was passed around and 20,000 baht was collected towards Yoi's “get out of jail fee.”
    This money will be sent to Yoi in Luang Prabang towards compensation for the injured parties’ medical bills.
    There is still no contribution at all from AMA or Mr Resnikoff – impressive isn’t it?

    Further confirmation of the incident, events before and after have been posted on ... rms=phuket

    Thank you all those big hearted GT Riders who donated.
  15. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Just tried to send you a message from off the board, but it got bounced. Can you pls email me off the board with your correct email address. Will send you an Oz bank account if you want to have a whip around downunder.
  16. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Now if anyone else wants to help Yoi / Gayson (Yoi's girlfriend.)
    Take a look at the below
    127199225-L. The above is a beautiful sketch of the renowned Jonadda guesthouse, drawn by Chris, OAPillion on the GT Rider board, & mother of Marcus, mja34 on the board.
    Chris has very kindly offered to donate any moneys from drawings / sketches ordered by GT Riders & drawn by her.

    Gayson herself is also a qualified Thai Masseuse practicing traditional Thai massage.
    If you feel like a traditional Thai massage, Gayson can be contacted on 0869240572.
    From 9-5 she works at a traditional Thai massage shop near the Sheraton hotel in Chiang Mai, but after that she is available for private work. With private work all proceeds go direct to Gayson.
  17. OAPillion

    OAPillion Member

    Thanks David for posting my sketch - can do anything from a photo ( within reason ) I was very moved by the story of this guy and would like to help in any way I can.It's a great shame that the tour company reponsible can't be made to cough up something towards this man's freedom.I am only here for another 3 weeks but with the wonders of modern technology anything is possible I shall be heading back to my little town of Ilminster in Somerset,UK where thereis a wonderful community spirit and I'm pleased to have found another great community feeling here in Chiang Mai.

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