Caltex reducing availability of Benzine 95

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  1. Sad to say that a new business plan by Caltex means they will be reducing the availabiltyof Benzine 95 and using the pumps for more E20 and Bio Diesel , some stations will still sell Benzine 95 but already 2 Stations in pattaya area have lost Benzine 95 ,,,damns shame as it was best quality fuel in Thailand .
  2. Somewhere I read that the aircraft boys rate PT as No1 for quality and consistency. But PT staions are few and far between.
  3. Makes sense since there are so many other stations now offering 95 benzene. For a while Caltex had a monopoly on that fuel. As far as "quality", doesn't it all come from the same refinery anyway?
  4. Remember a discussion on this a couple years back..

    Basically PTT are the main one with the refineries (Thai state owned SET listed Oil and Gas company).. Then there are a couple of others

    Thai Oil Refinery (Thai Oil Company of PTT), 275,000 bbl/d (43,700 m3/d)
    IRPC Refinery (IRPC PLC of PTT), 215,000 bbl/d (34,200 m3/d)
    PTT Global Chemical Refinery (PTT Global Chemical PLC of PTT), 145,000 bbl/d (23,100 m3/d)
    SPRC Refinery (Star Petroleum Refining Company of PTT), 150,000 bbl/d (24,000 m3/d)
    Bangchak Refinery (Bangchak Petroleum of PTT), 120,000 bbl/d (19,000 m3/d)
    Sri Racha Refinery (ExxonMobil), 170,000 bbl/d (27,000 m3/d)
    Rayong Purifier Refinery (Rayong Purifier Company), 17,000 bbl/d (2,700 m3/d)
  5. ^ Good info Brian!

    Confirms that, regardless of where its sold and under what brand, most gasoline here comes from PTT refineries.

    Does a small company like PT really own their own refinery? I rather doubt it...
  6. Ah but a Common commercial transaction between a distributer and a refinery can include quality and additive specifications ,,

    caltex will have the additive Techronf for instance
    Shell will specify a formula for V power

    its not all the same quality for instance in UK the big hypermarkets market fuel such as tesco ,sainsbury ,Asda at a few percent lower than say shell, BP or texaco but its been tested many time to be of lower quality even though it originates from a few refineries ,, the fuel mix, quality and additives can be changed .
  7. The operative word " Can " :)

    Could be an old wives tale too. Bunch of Thai Visa experts sitting around solving the worlds problems.
    Only way to be really sure would be to have proper scientific tests done at the petrol stations and distribution chain.

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