Cambodia 15-30 Sept


Jan 9, 2008
Grenoble - France
Hello everybody,

I joined some GT riders members in February 2010 for some jungles rides around Chiang Mai.

I'll be going to Cambodia from 15-30 Sept (not the best season I understood, but this is when I have my holidays...) and may be planning to do Phnom Penh - Siem Rep) on a bike.

Any tips / advices / any body interested to join ?

Thanks !

PS: more info about my bike experience : I am a biker for the past 28 years, as started when I was 16 years old... I have, for the past 26 years, a Suzuki Djebel 650cm3 from 1991 with.....140000 km on the clock! 129000km made by myself around Ireland, Wales, France (and Corsica island), Switzerland, Italy (and Sardaigna island) and Greece, and drove for 16 years in the Rome traffic, and on the italian country roads.
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