Cameron Highlands Guesthouse Suggestions ?

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  1. rcm273

    rcm273 Ol'Timer

    Does anyone have a suggestion on a guesthouse in the Cameron highlands ?

    I have camped there before but this time returning with the wife who is not a camper.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on a secret guesthouse, I'm not too into climbing up a mountain of stairs and would prefer somewhere with off-road parking.
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  3. Goran Phuket

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    I stayed at historical Jim Thomspon cottage few days. Nice parking right in front of the bungalow entrance as seen on pic. This is the place where one morning Jim Thompson woke up, went for walk and never been seen again.




    Also stayed at The Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant, really beautiful and classic looking. Be prepared to fork out substantial amount for accommodation.


    P1050995. P1040909.

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  4. rcm273

    rcm273 Ol'Timer

    Cheers, Jim Thompson looks good, 1500B is fine but the smokehouse is off the chart.

    It's not so much me, it's the wife who insists on sniffing out a bargain wherever we go, not just the cost but location and facilities.
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