Can't access the second page in the-Yama MT-09-thread ??

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by DaRider, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. DaRider

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    As topic says, I'm following [thread=38500]the MT-09 thread[/thread], and it shows a new post has been made, but when trying to reach it (second page of two) i end up back at the first page over and over..? Any ideas what might be causing this?
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    It may depend on your browser.
    There's currently 21 posts on that thread - how many can you see?
  4. DaRider

    DaRider Ol'Timer

    Well, i can see 20 posts in the first page, with the last post made by Franz. The last post in that thread, however, is made by feejer (according to the "last post by" info) which should be in page 2, but trying to get there just ending in a loop back to page 1....?? Don't have trouble in any other thread, surfing back and forth between pages just fine.. ???

    EDIT EDIT; I just noticed that the info on main Yamaha page says the thread has 19 replies and is not marked as a several sided.. In the thread, it shows as 2 pages though...
    Restarted browser and system.. no change.. anyone else having issues here??

    Any ideas are most welcome..:)
  5. Lightemup

    Lightemup Ol'Timer

    So it's not just me then...
    I had the same problem yesterday with the same thread.
  6. feejer

    feejer Ol'Timer

    Me too. All I posted was a reply to Tony about the high demand for the FZ9 here in the states. 6 month waiting list at dealers I have visited both in California and Washington State. Can get one sooner if bumped up the queue due to cancellations etc, but not happening often that's for sure.
  7. KenYam

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    I cant open 2nd page yesterday as well.
  8. TonyBKK

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  9. DaRider

    DaRider Ol'Timer

    ^I knew it!^

    Works ok now. Thanks..:)

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