Can anyone guess what this bike is??

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  1. Think you know a bit about bikes....then whats this.


  2. I am Guessing a Modified Kawasaki Estrella? Looks Great done out like the Old Flat Tracker though. Great Job!!! :wink:
  3. its a Kawasaki W 650 ... I should know I got one, a great fun bike,
    many people thinks its a Triumph @ first !!!!!
  4. Kawasaki should be selling the W650 alongside the ER6 it would sell loads they are brilliant bikes.There is a 750 version sold in japan now .the W650 has been discontinued.
  5. Wow!
    Great job and great look!

  6. I second monster man. With the following these things have in the Japaneses custom circuit and the burgeoning Thai market for customs being able to run down to the Kawasaki dealer and pick one of these up would be very tempting. While I am on a rant, Yamaha should be selling the new SR 400/500 here too. Especially now that they are fuel injected. If you could pick up either of these bikes for under 150k (new with licence that is) they would be hard to resist.

    Moto-rex. I don't suppose that is your bike and you could tell me what tires are on there. I have a tracker that has a set of worn out K180s on it that will need replacing sometime this season. I ride mostly pavement with it so something a little less knobby than the K180s would be nice, those tires look great too.
  7. Cool bikes indeed and I'd also be in the market for a legit SR400 or W650 if they came in at the right price so as I could flat track it.

    Lotus, the tyres look like Pirelli MT60s and are the same as on this Triumph which is the coolest FT I have seen!



  8. Yep, it is a W650 thats been customized into a flat tracker by a company in sydney.
    Its 100% street legal, and Its owned by a mate of mine in OZ. It wasn't cheap at it $20,000.

    Links below are the full sized images, so you can pick out the tyres etc.
    Click the image to get the full size.



  9. Wow, as a W650 owner, those pics go straight to my heart!

    I would love one of those! I always wanted to buy another one to modify but with the licensing thing, cost and space it is too much hassle.
  10. A company in Sydney that sells W650s that don't come cheap. Is it perchance a Dues?

    As far as I am concerned they are making some of the most beautiful custom bikes around. They have just opened a shop in the states too from what I hear and are doing some Harley customs in very atypical fashion.



    Is it too much to hope that their next shop will be opened in Chiang Mai? Thought so....

    Looks like the tires are Pirelli MT 60s Anyone know where I can find a pair of these around Chaing Mai and how much they would cost? Either that or a pair of Pirelli Scorpion ATs?
  11. Hi Friends,

    By a foggy day and with some alccohol in blood, it simply look like a Ducati Monster...

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