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  1. Looking to buy a new pair of boots as hopefully will start to get back out on the KLX again soon.

    Would like to be able to buy in Bangkok if possible.

    Can anyone recommend a decent boot? I have only had race/street Sidi boots before.

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    The shops with the largest selection for off road boots would have to be Dirtshop and Paddock.

    I picked up a pair of Troy Lee "No Fear" boots (like in the pic above, but different graphics) at Dirtshop about a year ago and I've been quite happy with them.

    One thing I recommend- most entry level boots have the soles glued on, and in the Thai climate glued soles never last. Spend a bit more for boots with soles that are stitched on.

    Happy Trails!

  3. Really happy with my SIDI Dirt Bike Boots..

    So much so I bought a pair of adventure SIDI boots for the Versys..

    Both boots really comfortable and can be worn for a long time.

    Both pairs of boots bought at Paddock.

  4. Thanks for the advice on looking for stitched soles, I didn't think about that before.

    I'll take a trip to Paddock then and see what they have.

    I also need to get some goggles, a few tops, some trousers and some decent armour - my bank card is going to take a bashing :)
  5. You might want to check out Dirt Shop too..
    I prefer the SIDI boots so get them from Paddock. But Dirt Shop has some good gear also..
    Prefer the selection of dirt bike helmets at Dirtshop.

    Both have body armour, goggles. In the Alpinestar shop they have all the off road kit too.
    In the main shop they have the other brands..

  6. Thanks Brian, I'll visit both shops before I make my final purchase decision. I think with items like this it's worth taking a bit of extra time looking around before buying.

    Look forward to riding with you soon!


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