can I buy a bike as a tourist

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Maaka, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Maaka

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    I have just done 1000km road trip around Northern Thailand on a rented bike, now I am out of the country, but want to return and do a further trip, however this time I want to buy a bike.I have seen one on the net I I have heard on hear things about Green Books and stuff which confuses me somewhat..

    can I buy a bike as a tourist?? do my trip, and leave it somewhere when I leave the country, so I can use it again on a further visit..would anyone here store a bike in udon for me, if I can buy one?? thanks for any ideas..
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  3. LivinLOS

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    Technically the law says you need a non imm class visa, but on the ground (at least in my Phuket / Bangkok / Pattaya experience) its commonly ignored.

    You will need to obtain a 'proof of residence' which can be one of a few things, many of which you wont have (a yellow house book, a work permit etc) your options would be one from your embassy or consul, or one possibly from immigration. Both of which are fickle and depends on where you go, some hand them out free, some charge a small 'fee' and some wont give them. At a minimum some form of rental contract or agreement is often required.

    If buying new dealers are often able to fudge many of these things, similarly theres often 'helpers' who can get these things processed for a small fee.

    So as with so many things, yes / no / maybe !! You should be able to with some legwork.
  4. Maaka

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    interesting ' livinLOS '.thanks for the input..I never known a country for so much red tape..
  5. monsterman

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    Maaka ...go to India the red tape is 10 times worse
  6. TonyBKK

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    A little money cuts through the red tape quite effectively in this country ;-)
  7. David Learmonth

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    I can second the "India" comment. The bureaucracy & red tape there is awful. When I mentioned this to my Indian friend his reply was : "But who do you think taught us? You - the British" Couldn't say much more after that. Everything & anything was in triplicate. However, we must accept the Thai way of doing things & cope as well as possible. It is their country after all.
  8. Maaka

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    yes money talks to those that dont have it, and when in Rome do as the Romans do na wouldnt be an adventure if everything was plain and simple..
  9. Pgt066

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    Buying from a dealer is easy on a tourist visa. You just need letter from your embassy saying you are who you are, and list some address in Thailand. The US Embassy does not even require you to show any rental document. Just your passport, fee, and you are good. Since you are buying a new bike from them, they take care of everything (Plate, Green book, etc).
  10. Maaka

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    thanks Pgt066 for your comments, always good to have lots of options and ideas..

    I am looking at buying secondhand, and have a bike all lined up to buy which has a green book and things. Because I am out of Thailand, I am looking for someone in Udonthani who could take a bike for a test drive for me asap, and give me some comment..otherwise I will buy sight unseen, and take my chances..

    The owner is also out of the country, but his mate is looking after the bike. The owner is agreeable to conclude the transaction asap, and do the ownership papers in afew months time if I so wish, and will allow me to store it there at his place, but I dont know him, or how the bike sounds, and rides like..I have a farang friend in Udon but he is not a biker, but if I buy will store the bike at his place if I can, as a type of insurance, should the owner, or transfer of ownership strike problems in the future...anyone in Udon

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