Canadian Arctic Winter ride on a Ural, from the ADV Forum


Nov 2, 2008
Canadian Arctic Winter Ride; Ice Roads and the Dempster Highway

A Punch Cancer in the Face Ride

Had to share one of my favorite ride reports from the ADV forum, with a Couple of Canadians (Crazy friendly Canucks) and a Ural. Rob ride’s Northern Canada in the winter, it’s been done by others, but he is covering his journey fabulously. Now I’ve driven the Dempster twice, and been with my folks on a two month Yukon and Alaska trip also, always and only in the summer months. Have always dreamed of riding Rob’s route in summer on bike, but in the winter no way.

But put on a sweater, pour a cuppa coffee, and enjoy the pictures and video; if you can imagine the strong winds and freezing temperatures it chills better than air con. Pictures and video don’t begin to show the scale of the terrain, and even less so in the winter time. Some of the vista’s shown are simply gigantic and really need to be seen in person to understand.
Enjoy. Brrrrrrr.