canadian HD rider killed in Pattaya and cause carnage.

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  1. monsterman

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    A Canadian citizen, speeding on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, simultaneously crashed into a parked songtaew and a pedestrian.The motorcycle rider died on the spot and the pedestrian, a British national, was severely injured.

    29 January 2008, at 2pm, Police Lieutenant Colonel Apimook Amnatmunkong, Kong Dong Tan Branch, was notified that a rider of a Harley Davidson motorcycle had collided with a songtaew and into pedestrians who were walking on the side of the road. The rider was killed. There were other serious injuries and property damage as well. Police and Sawang Boriboon Rescue rushed to the accident scene, on Soi Chaiyapruk 1, opposite Jomtien Beach Paradise Village, Moo 12, Nongprue, Banglamung; where they found Mr. Charet Adwardfox (67), a British national, lying on the road. Mr. Adwardfox sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured skull, and a broken right leg, with the bone protruding. He was rushed to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. A damaged songtaew taxi, a blue Isuzu D-mag 310, License 20-5372, Chonburi was parked nearby.
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  3. KZ

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    A sad thing to happen for everyone involved.
    I feel most for the british citizen, who is probably retired and wanted to enjoy his vacation, walking down the road - and got run over by a biker out of control.
    Even though accidents happen everywhere all the time, there are too many accidents here in TH involving tourists and motorcycles. Partly the riders are to blame for renting bikes they can't handle, partly bike shop owners who talk anybody into renting a 140hp ZX9R without asking about the riding backgrounds or skills. Again profit is the main objective; I wonder if the shop lost out this time...
  4. penetrator

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    If you are going to throw a bike about at least ride something with a modicum of responsiveness and not something that has the handling capabilities of a sock in a washing machine.
  5. ajahnlau

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    Why blame it on the bike? Just cause u don't have one doesnt mean yours is better.
  6. penetrator

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    I dont blame the bike I blame the rider, the fact he rented out a Harley must tell you he was not of sound mind.
  7. ajahnlau

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    It really is amazing how anti HD riders like to bash the bikes. Do U ever hear HD riders bashing Honda.Yamaha,etc. just for the sake of self pleasure. Can't afford one or wife won't let u buy one get over it.
  8. Dougal

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    Yes I have heard HD riders bashing other bikes, especially Jap bikes.

    But are'nt we getting off the subject? There's a man dead and one seriously injured. Have a little respect.
  9. mikerust

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    Strange Ajahnlau but if I read the posts correctly you were the first one to mention HD specifically. Could it be that you look for potential negativity wherever HD is mentioned, even if only in passing. As for affording anything that is a personal choice. Just because say Hillary C or Prince C don't have a HD doesn't mean they can afford one. Most GT-Riders ride bikes, any bikes because we like riding. The type, cost, brand is irrelevant.

    In the case of this tragic accident to paraphrase "The most dangerous part of a motorcycle is the nut that holds the handlebars"
  10. ajahnlau

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    If you read the posts correctly you would of noticed the accident happened on a HD and then it's compared to a sock in a washing machine. No not overly defensive but tired of the bashers blaming it on the bike. We ride with a mixed group of bikes. Everyone gets along. Even at big bike rallies all get along with no bashing-name calling. It's mainly uninformed falangs that get into this. I do small service jobs at local repair shop that mainly sev. sport/steeds. They do some small digging especially at some of the prices for parts and mods. but thats about it.
  11. Pikey


    Ajanlau, I'm with you Too much "in-fighting", especially at H-D riders. The understandable problem is that a lot of H-D riders are "born-again" bikers or rich dudes that think they can buy into the lifestyle by paying $$$ to get the bike, jacket, chrome e.t.c. OK, that's their choice but when they turn up at a place and start revving their open-piped (and therefore badly tuned) engines, for that "look at me, I've got $$$ and a Harley vibe", most of us that have crawled up the ladder with different bikes over the years show a bit of distain for them. To quote an old cliche - "if you want respect, you've got to earn it". That takes miles on the road in which time you gain the experience to avoid some of the accidents that happen all too frequently in the popular tourist areas here.


  12. ray23

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    Anyone see anything about why he lost control?

    I have to agree as to the pedestrian.
  13. monsterman

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    latest media reports say that having to dodge another baht bus that was swerved illegally caused him to lose control and also the british pedestian ran across the road to board the crashed bus may have caused the accident.

    seems all parties may be at fault
  14. penetrator

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    Neither, it's just that at 38 I hope I've got a few years left yet before my midlife crisis kicks in.

    As for the injured party in this (the pedestrian that is and not the Harley owner whose feelings have been hurt) it so happens that he is in my GF's hospital ward and is still in a very bad way although he has partially regained consciousness.
  15. ray23

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    Thanks for the update
  16. Marco

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    Hi Guys

    here is article about one other bike crash, not in TH but could be easilly as some driving like maniac's as well ... asp#photo2

    They said that dude hit the back of the truck at about 120mph


    So take it easy in the trafic, it's never too rush.
  17. ray23

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    Well there is no doubt that riding is dangerous. sometimes things can happen that we have absolutly no control over. Sometimes we are pushing to hard.

    There is no public road anywhere that I know of that 120 Mph ( 192 KPH) is safe on. But I know guys here who do it. It's sad when somthing happen to them even sadder if someone not related to the riding is hurt as well.

    There are road here that road surface will allow those kind of speeds but the changing road conditions don't. I haev seen cattel on the Khan Kean Highway meandering across for a bit better grass.

    On the country road that most of us prefer, none are safe in anyway for that kind of speed. The bikes today are powerful, agile, but the limits are set by the prevailing road conditions. I have ridden in rains where 20 was on the edge. In those conditions the safe speed is 0. But. I do stupid things to.

    You get into the larger cities and it is just nuts most of the time, But if you have ridden here any length of time you expect it and adjust. If your new to it lots of surprises out there. I hardly flinch anymore when one drive look me right in the eye and forces me over. Vehicles pulling out all of sudden is just normal riding here.

    I've never ridden in Pattaya, I have driven there and certainly have walked here. I have seen bike riders getting on bike heavy in areas where it is almost impossilbe to walk much less ride. Hey your on vacation and it is rush, but it can cause some real problems just not the right place for that. By the way I am not commenting on the incident I wasn't there.

    But I will say this it is the norm to dodge traffic in major populated areas, the Thai's know this and it's just business as usual. For those of us who have ridden here long enough we are really no different then Thai's we know it is going to happen, and we adjust accordingly.

    So the questions that stand out in my mind here are:

    How experienced of a rider was he?

    How experienced in Thailand was he?

    Was the bike his or a rental?

    Did he know the equipment he was riding?

    What was his speed?

    It would think there is really more to this then a Baht bus pulling out unexpectantly that is the norm here.

    By the way I'm not perfect either, I have got caught up in the spirit of the ride and did some really dumb things and just lucky to have not been injuried.

    It's truly a sad incident, I hope the guy in the hospital recovers and feel for the riders family.
  18. SilverhawkUSA

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    I was sure this had to be a hoax, and I always check these kind of reports out on the link you posted also. This one is TRUE! Unbelievable. :roll:

    Also, one can tell from the photos that the truck is not stopped at the point of impact. That means the truck pulled over to the side of the road with this guy dragging behind. The guy was wearing protective gear anyway. Shows it doesn't make you invulnerable! Amazing accident. :shock:
  19. Marco

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