Canadian law against speeding - harsh

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    Well fellow British Colombian Canada Riders have been in a uproar with a recent drastic increases in motorcycle restrictions and penalties, since September of this year. It was known that this upcoming 'Bill 14' was harsh and would have strong impact on the motorcycle riders there.

    New rules like standing on the pegs and riding with you visor up can result in fines and impoundment of your motorcycle. But the costly one is - (thanks for the Readability link Pico), which has riders concerned about the resulting increase in riders running from police.


    And fines are excepted to reach 60,000 Baht to 300,000 Baht for speeds over a certain amount in most provinces of Canada is certain polital members have there way. Besides close friends the majority of the motorcyclist I know in Canada are under thirty, and the temptation to run is going to be strong with their newer, often financed supersports. Of course adding in the high living costs in Canadian cities and the lower income levels of the 20 - 30 riders, fingers crossed that everybody stays unhurt.

    I wanted to share this as a reminder of how good we have it here.

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