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  1. Ok I found a Carbon Fiber Helmet here at my local dealer available but, not in stock. It us made by Bilmola. Less expensive then the states, before you even ship or pay the dreaded 20% import tax. I am amazed my how light weight it is Without taking the bike and running my head into a pole. I would certainly recommend it for anyone who does long trips. Should help a lot for neck fatigue About 9400 baht.

    The ones in the states would be much cheaper at 44 to one but not when your lucky to be getting 29 these days.
  2. Why so expensive? If you look at their English/Thai website, the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is half that, or more(depending on model).

    Admittedly, their website is a little incomplete, and I am assuming it is baht, but you might use it to get your shop to reduce the price a little.
  3. MSRP 2,600 for a Carbon helmet?! Hmmm... Weight sounds excellent, would love to get one for that reason. 1100g.
  4. Do you know anything about this brand? Are they any good or is it just a cheap brain bucket like Avex and Index?

    Are you sure it's really CF? Seems a bit unlikely at that price...

    Ha ha! Click on the "Technology" tab on their website and you get this:

    banner.jpg banner01.png banner02.png banner04.png banner05.png


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  5. When you set up a new website, you can "order" website templates to get you started. They sometimes come filled with nonsense text that you are supposed to delete and add your own. That is what I meant in my post when I said "their website is a little incomplete". It doesn't give you a very good impression of the company does it. I didn't take the time to search for other sites, perhaps there are better ones for Bilmola?
  6. I had a look at these helmets, including the carbon one, at Bangkok motorcycle festival and they all had stickers on the side saying "Not For Street Use". Not sure what it meant (besides the obvious) and staff couldn't really explain either so i put them back on the shelf. Got the impression they where made in Malaysia though.
  7. 1100g and such a low price? I'd surely be very concerned!
    Webbikeworld lists the lightest helmet at 1219g...and it sure costs a _lot_ more than 2,600-Bt!!!
  8. I have a Carberg carbon fiber helmet that i paid nearly 1200 singapore dollars for 18 months ago. I would think that a 9400 Baht carbon fiber helmet would be a compromise of carbon fiber and other materials.

    Certainly any cheaper would be not be full carbon fiber helmet. I may be wrong.

  9. I am just interested in the topic for some time now and this seems like a good carbon fiber helmet to buy in Thailand , without the ridiculous helmet prices in this country:

    It gets good reviews:

    Brian66 - For Caberg (I think what you have is a V2X Carbon, please correct me if I am mistaken), I am sure it is a good helmet (one of my helmets is Caberg Trip and I can't complain for the price I paid). But Caberg helmets are supposed to be "affordable quality" helmets. 1200 Singapore dollars is around USD 950 and I don't think this price is right.

    This one is GBP 228 (~USD 368 : ... &Itemid=38

    Another website:

    Could you please let us know which shop sold you the Caberg for 1200 SGD?

  10. Btw - I say this because the price of XR1R Carbon is actually higher in the US/EU. In Thailand, it costs THB 13,900, which I think is alright for a full carbon helmet.
  11. HJC also do a full carbon fibre helmet , but there are several grades of CF from structural used in aerospace and F1 to cheapo plastic lookalike do your homework first
  12. I purchased the Carberg helmet in the Regina accessories shop in Singapore. I collect helmets plus I buy my racing boots and some Alpine stars leathers from Darren who is one of the family owners.
    I am based in Singapore and Malaysia for 6 months of every year and I use this shop often
    The helmet in the photo was Cargbergs first carbon helmet and is not the V2X you refer to. The full carbon finish V2X has a mat finish and is not as pointed in the chin section as my helmet. My Carberg helmet has a high gloss finish.
    I don't have the model name with me and the helmet is at my Bangkok house but I shall check with Darren and get the model name and eventually post it here for you.
    I can assure you I paid just under 1200 sing dollars for the helmet and that was after Darren tempted me with a discount. I was in two minds about buying it as the price was extreme but I was looking for lightness, which it offered in abundance.
    I don't use the Carberg helmet anymore as after a number of days at the track it became uncomfortably loose and it does not fit good enough for racing. I buy helmets one size smaller as they get loose after use yet this helmet is now way too loose.
    I have 6 AGV helmets, 4 are Rossi world championship replicas and none of them are any good for my head shape when racing. All have a low brow line and block my view when in a racing crouch. I tried placing a small hand towel inside the crown area to lift the helmet but it was too uncomfortable.
    All the helmets (AGV,OGK, Aria) I have lift when coming out of the racing crouch at the braking point and pull on my neck. If I tighten the chin strap more they pull down and the brow section blocks my view
    I have finally settled for a Shoei Z9 or X9 model I think and it has proven to be the best helmet for racing I have ever had. All my helmets have cost around the 1000 dollars mark. I know that, that price doesn’t reflect their actual quality and value for money and it is just for the graphics and name I am paying for but I like high priced equipment and I can afford it.

  13. Intresting promotion at Panda Rider, but I do not see a brand-name .... a few months ago I bought from them a really great Bell helmet full-carbon. It was expensive (even for Thai standards) but it came with an extra visor, extra wind-protector, a real good & soft helmet bag and a Bell weekend-bag. If you are intending in riding a lot buy yourself a light helmet. The promotion helmets look actually a lot like my Bell helmet.

    Con's of my Bell helmet:
    1. It could be better in noise reducing (I think I really have to get my ear-plugs)
    2. It is black .... not a good color in Thailand
    3. I do not like the double O-ring fastening strap

    Carbon fiber? I once had a Yamaha XT250x motorbike with all kind of faring that did look like carbon-fiber ... but it were just stickers on the orginal fairings. One could produce a very cheap plastic helmet and put a carbon-look-like sticker on it. My Real helmet is very light and very cheap .... but for sure it is not carbon-fibre. I even doubt if it is DOT approved.

    Talking about helmets ..... my girlfriend with a very small head needs to have a good helmet. She tried a 2 different Nolan's (size S) but they do not fit her head (not covering her fore-head at all).Does anyone know other brand-names helmets for sale here in size S?

    Chang Noi
  14. Thanks Brian for the information. Yes, please post the model name. I like Caberg's stuff (price vs quality) and I'd like to know about your helmet.

    Just FYI, V2X does have a high gloss finish too and the 2011 model looks like this :

    The only difference I can spot with a quick stare at your pics and the Caberg website pics is the logo. The logo you have on your helmet is the 2009-2010 logo.

  15. I got my HJC HQ1 Carbon Fiber Helmet from Red Baron for 13,900 Baht:

    It weighs only 1400 grams and is one of the best fitting helmets I've ever owned. Only negative is it's quite loud.

    I've had it over a year now and it's getting packed out and no longer fits as snug as I like so I need to get a new one soon.

    Ride On!

  16. You are right, Ninja shop is selling 2010 and 2009 Collection shark helmets at 50% discount on some models, but the MEGA SALE will go on till the end of the year, there is plenty of models size and colours.

    And Ninja is not the Only one to do so- SOUTHERN BIG BIKE in Phuket ,Pattaya Superbike in pattaya, Blacksteed and whipping Racing in Chiang Mai- also offer the same products at same price.

    I am sure that there is a Shark for everyone in Thailand now !
  17. I now have an HJC FS 10 carbon helmet bought in UK for £170 (8500 baht) usually £300 so it was a great deal ...its very light and well made but as has been noted before the main draw back of carbon Fibre helmets is they are noisy ,,,,it seems that light weight means less density and so more boomy in side .my old roof Fibre glass helmet is quieter inside but heavier on my neck ...
  18. Paddock has these for 8000 baht at the moment, I was tempted but went for the Shark RSR2 Carbon instead, a bit more at 11,000baht but after reading the reviews it seems worth the extra $$$.

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