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  1. Just mentioning, guys wear the right gear when riding never get nonchalant about the ride.

    Cebu to Dumaguete, do it at least once a month.....done so for years. Our main work base there.

    Do I need wear my boots, hell no, gloves of course not, after all I can do the trip blindfolded....

    So off I go, on the little TTR, just sneakers, T shirt and thank god helmet. Boots gloves left in the corner....

    Shortly before one reaches Santander there are some windy hilly sections, piece of cake done it all before hundreds of times. This time a tad different though.....

    Coming around a tight RH bend pretty much committed, seemingly from nowhere comes an XRM with 3 drunks on it straight at me.

    Although not speeding just no time to ovoid a collision. Bang, sideswiped, result for me....2 broken bones in left hand, back of hand baldly scraped as was leg, and knee. Plus feet badly bruised and painful. TTR faired a bit better. Need new helmet...

    Biggest, or perhaps most painful part of recovery is the feet....both of them, be OK had I had my boots....Also looking daily at the ST and knowing that its gona be a while before I shall have power to pull that clutch in....

    So guys, wear the gear and expect the unexpected.
  2. Sorry to hear about this- most of us risk riding without optimimum gear at times- it's just so damned hot in SE Asia that it's easy to let stuff go, especially for a short ride, or one on familiar territory.

    I always try to 'dress for the crash', but your story is a good reminder to do more than just 'try'.

    Heal up fast- as you no doubt know, it could have been way worse (unfortunately that knowledge doesn't make it hurt any less;)).
  3. Glad you came out alright and are on the mend!
    We all get lazy and complacent about gearing up sometimes and it's good to be reminded of the potential consequences.
    Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!
  4. Thanks for the thumbs up guys.

    Plenty of time to sit back and reflect what happened, unfortunately due to a slight concussion memory a little fuzzy.

    Still no trips in future with out boots and gloves, long trips will include knee and elbow protectors...

    Three bikes down below waiting for me........Oh well GP tonight.

  5. I wish you a speedy recover.

    Take care
    Brian "

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