Carrying Luggage on hire bike ER6N/D-Tracker

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  1. For my upcoming trip in November, I will probably hire a D-Tracker to take into Laos if the opportunity comes along.

    I will probably hire an ER6N for some of the beautiful roads in Nth Thailand, and a dash down the Mahahsarakham for a wedding if I go.

    Previously I have just carried my clothes in the bag with my hydration pack, but would much prefer not to have all that weight on my back the whole time. I am also concerned that the bag wouldn't hold enough clothes for multiple days in Laos.


    Are there any other options?

    Does an ER6N have anywhere to strap luggage onto?
    Do any of the hire bike places have racks and panniers?

    Any ideas?

  2. HI there

    I hired both bikes you are looking at and had the self same issue. I took with me a set of simple canvass style panniers which workedreally well for me. They had velcro straps which ran across the seats but pulled apart so you could take them off easily.

    I found them really easy to use. The bags had various straps to attach them to the bike and the D tracker had more available fixing places than the ER6N. On the ER6N I used a couple of bungy cords with hooks on the end to attach the front end of the bags to the lower struts and this did the trick.

    They pack flat for travelling and are expandable if the need arises.

    When riding solo it also meant I could put some gear between the bags on the passenger seat (never rode two up but there would be plenty of room with the bags either side.)

    The following link would take you to more detail of these bags. Hope this is of some help ... 252315.htm
  3. thanks Tony. Those bags look just the ticket, and a good price too. I have sent you a pm about the link.

    Are they waterproof at all? I know you had a bit of rain on your trip.

    No problem fitting them without a rack? They can't foul on the wheel or anything?

  4. Hi Daewoo,
    Highly unlikely that there is any rain during the time you are here in the North or in Isaan. When I did my first 3 week trip here I took far too many clothes. I now take enough for 3 or 4 days and use local laundries every 3 days, very cheap and some will do overnight. Cheers, John
  5. Hi John, thanks for the advice...

    Coming from a cycling background where everything you take is hauled around by your leg power instead of horsepower, you can be assured that I pack pretty lightly...


  6. When I did the Mae Hong Song loop a few years back on a hired Honda Bros I improvised a tank bag by strapping a back pack on the petrol tank and securing it with bungee cords. It worked a treat but I think the Bros tank is better shaped for such a task than either the D Tracker or ER6N.

  7. ... th_1627754

    3500 baht.. and HUGE storage.. Quite useable..

    I would point out tho, that I dont think many / any rental companies are going to let you ride off into Laos on a Thai rental bike, giving you the book and signed authorisation for the border.. Maybe your friendly with one who knows you but a standard walk in off the street rental isnt going to do that.
  8. There are two shops in CM that will organise the paperwork for you, and you need to pay a cash deposit rather than leave your passport...

  9. Thats interesting..

    Which 2 for future reference ??

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