CB400 version R ?!

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  1. Friend of mine bought a CB400 with a sticker on the side cover saying "version R". He figures it's a '95 or a '96, the obvious difference is a small fairing around the headlight. We both wonder what's up with the "R" designation; is it just cosmetic or does it have more power? How can you find the exact model year? By frame number? Also he'd like to get an english manual for the bike - any suggestions?
  2. I did some surfing whilst having my second coffee this morning. I know what Version R is.
    Suggest you have a coffee.
  3. Hi Friends,

    Isn't it a CBR 400 ? This does exist, just have a look at the Honda website and you'll find full description.

    Have a great day, today !
  4. No time for cooffe, no time for surf!
  5. No time for answer :p
  6. Couldn't agree more! :?
  7. As of today 120 people clicked this thread - there seems to be some interest in the CB400 "version R"...
    Thanks everybody for their input and the great discussion! That's what I like about a this forum, one can always learn and things come up I didn't even ask about. Keep it up! :)
  8. Discussions and info sharing is a good thing. But lacking the immediate answers, unless there are a number of "Version R" experts lurking here, it means one must do some searching.

    A little initiative shown by yourself first, and then some questions would surely have elicited some more meaningful replies. Your initial post was not bad, and Mike's post was also a little short, but your follow up post was a little demeaning. It insinuates that our time is less important than yours and that we should do the searching because you can't be bothered. That is not the way to get helpful feedback.
  9. One problem with posting on the net is that there are just written sentences, and they may be interpreted differently by different people. If I could have said what I wrote, it would have sounded nicer...
    Now that I read it myself, I can understand that somebody might think: that lazy bugger thinks we do the work for him...! I apologize for that.
    Fact is, I was at school, lessons started in a few minutes, my little daughter was alone at home, sick. Really didn't have the time, but wanted to get back to my friend with some info; he's all excited about his new bike.
    Could have done it in the afternoon, but I wanted to get back home and not google twenty minutes and maybe find nothing. So I thought that the boys at gt-rider sure can tell me in a jiffy the most important facts. I have to admit that in a way I wanted others to do my work. But then sometimes I also post my limited knowledge for others to read and a discussion by insiders is usually more informative than scanning cold websites which may have the info I'm looking for or not. One website for example states that the CB400 has only five gears - wrong info.
    Gotta run, the kids are waiting!
  10. KZ-

    Fully understand. Many of my comments get misinterpreted also. Must be my "smiling personality". :evil: No problem.
  11. I've had some time to surf and I'd like to share what I found so far since 200 people clicked my initial question...
    Seems like it started in '89 with the CB400F, a 400cc watercooled inline four also known as the CB1. Honda then changed the models every other year or so until the CB400 "version F" came out in '95; the "S" version came out in '96. Last model was built in 2005. There's probably a better link somewhere but I found this one useful:
    even though it states for dry weight 168kg which I doubt.
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  12. Actually it does. It is not a US model wich is why you probably never heard of it. It was marketed in Japan and Australia. I have one imported in the Philippines it is a CB400FIII Version R which is a 1995 model. here are some links oh and please don't assume if its not in America that it doesn't exist. Here are some links for you thanks, https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=cb400+super+four+version+r&client=firefox-a&hs=Sfl&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:eek:fficial&channel=np&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=9pjyUfK_IYiWkgX6k4HQBw&ved=0CCoQsAQ&biw=1366&bih=638


    Hope This Helps

  13. Version R is a 1995 the Version S is 1996 look unfer the seat there should be a designation there for cb400fIII they are great bike i own one in the Philippines hard to find parts for outside Japan, Australia and some here in the Philippines anything marketed here you will need to find support sites for these areas. it can be done. the version R has the new rear shock and swing arm design with a sensor on the carburators and also I think it was the first with a fuel gauge in the dials. Enjoy the ride they are great bikes


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