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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by jon, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. jon

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    I may be wrong, but it seems like Honda are launching a new fuel injected CBR 150 on October 30th at 75,900 baht. But I haven't seen any pictures yet.
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  3. KZ

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    It's been speculated about for some time, I hope it's true, and why not?

    The price went up, I wonder if it's just the FI that changed or if we'll get more than that for our money - digital instruments or some fancy brake discs...
  4. jon

    jon Ol'Timer

    i have seen phptos of them on the web but I don't know how to post them. There seems to be three colour schemes and the bike looks quite a bit different from the original with a bigger tank and wider fairing as well as a shorter exhaust. One website was quoting 19.5bhp, 134 kilos and a top speed of 160kph.
  5. Captain Wally

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  7. KZ

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    It says: "all new" but besides changes in the looks department plus the FI there isn't much new.

    Frame, wheels, brakes seem to be the same, the plastic is different and the tank. The shape of the muffler is a matter of taste, personally I prefer the old sleek looking one. The weight shouldn't have gone up much (134kg? wet maybe), same with the power - can't imagine a 150cc making "19.5 hp" and a top speed of 160 km/h would probably be going downhill with a good breeze from behind. The old model went 140 km/h on a good day (according to its speedo), don't belive FI would give it such a boost in power.

    But I'm glad Honda put a little effort into their line-up for Thailand.

    When will they bring in the VTR250 or the 250 Hornet?!

    There's always hope...
  8. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Yes, here in Thailand we have to be happy if we get thrown a bone, the market is just too small, there is not much incentive for the makers to introduce more models.
    Hero Honda alone sells 4.5 million bikes a year in India - now that's a different situatuion!

    So we should be very grateful that Honda decided to update the little CBR; actually the carbed one was priced too low, compared to the PCX125i or Kawa Tracker 125. Now with FI, better looks, bigger screen and hopefully liquid crystal display it's still cheaper and should be a good buy.

    Interestingly Yamaha is selling a low-tech, but very modern-looking naked bike, the FZ 16, in India. It's got an air-cooled 153cc SOHC 4 valve mill making 14 hp at 7.500 rpm and features a 140 rear tire - guess there are no plans to sell it in Thailand! Honda seems to cover the small sportsbike market in TH with one model.

    Picture and specs here: http://autos.maxabout.com/twid0000207/y ... z-150.aspx
  9. KZ

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    Looks like the little CBR has done some growing up!
    Bigger tank, bigger exhaust, more plastic, bigger rims and tires added some weight; the old one was listed with 115kg dry, the new one is 138kg, quite a difference. But that's not necessarily bad, the old one felt too light at high speeds, like a Honda Wave on steroids.
    This one should feel more like a CBR.
    It's supposed to have gained one hp which should add up to the same top speed at about 140 km/h.
    Anybody wants to go faster, buy the CBR250R! If that one really will be sold for only 22,500 more it should be the biggest competition.

    Kudos for Honda to bring on two new sport bikes - now where are the naked/enduro/supermoto versions...?!

    Thanks, Captain, for going out and sharing the pics.
  10. sinclair1969

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    As a former owner of a CBR 150 and driving that bike some 54.000 km in Thailand, I have some experience with the older model. I am convinced that the engine was not really strong enough to handle the compression rate it was designed to operate on. Another weakness was the gearbox. I was very particular to change engine oil at 1000 km as recommended by Honda, still there were some problems. True, the bike never broke down but the engine and the gearbox deteriorated despite very good maintenance. I hope they will make the new model more robust and designed to be able to be driven for years without problems. At the time my bike was stolen (see another thread about that) the bike needed a gearbox overhaul and the engine had been suffering from valve noise for years. I was told by the local Honda mechanic that these bikes often had engine and gearbox problems once they had been driven well past the 30k mark, and so was my personal experience. However, I would not hesitate to buy another one as these bikes are fun to ride, but in the hope that there have been improvements.
  11. KZ

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    India is getting this exotic looking CBR125R:


    I wonder how much difference the additional 25cc of the 150 version makes...

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