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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Billy Baht, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Hi Board!

    Need some advice on new tires for my CBR 150. I bought her used, now showing 16,000 kms and the original IRC tires are cracking and I want to replace them before hitting the road. I'm an average rider and I don't try to lean aggresively on the curves. So what do you guys recommend in the 2 to 3,000 price range?

    Thanks in advance :)


    PS- I'm living at Pattaya.

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  2. Pirelli MT 75 110/80 (rear) is about the only other alternative to the IRC`s here in LOS.
    I have used them,they are fairly sticky but reportedly long lasting too.
  3. Front clearance on old IRC 80/90-17, NR73s

    Old IRC in front, new Michelin 90/80-17 behind

    Front clearance on new 90/80-17

    Found an auto tire shop here in Pattaya that will order bike tires. Have a Michelin Pilot Sporty, 90/80-17 installed on the front, a 100/80-17 rear on order :)
  4. I think you`ll find that a Michelin Pilot Sporty 100/80-17 is a front tyre?
  5. The stock tire for the cbr150 rear is actually a skinny 100/80-17! Most people upgrade to a 110/80-17 but are quite hard to find from what i'm told. Get on a cbr forum & do some research before ordering.
  6. I agree,I got a Pirelli MT75 110/80,which are here in LOS, for my ZX 150 but had to put a tooth smaller engine sprocket on to compensate for the size.
  7. The Owners Manual lists 80/90-17 as the stock front tire; 100/80-17 rear.
  8. But the tyre you quoted Michelin Pilot Sporty 100/80-17 is intended to be used on the front?

    Click on the link below and then click on "size".
    They do seem to have a 110/80-17 that can be used on front or rear but i`d go for a tyre that is specifically made to be used on the rear.


  9. I gues I'm hard to understand, I wrote 100/80-17 "rear" tire several times, but ok...

    Any way, I'm gettin new tires :)
  10. Your not hard to understand Billy. It's just that everyone on here seems to be recommending the 110/80-17 "rear". Better contact patch, more high speed stability & the bike drops into corners a touch slower with the slightly wider tire, which is good. This is talked about on many cbr forums. If you want a 100/80-17 "rear" it's up to you.

    btw my D-Tracker benefited immensely from going up from a 130 to a 140 rear, my bike drops into corners much more predictably now at fast riding speeds.
  11. OK, you guys are probably right, I was try to stay as close to stock as possible. I was thinking size, but the old IRC was stamped "R" for rear and the 100/80-17 Michelin isn't. Got cha :)

    I am looking in to a 110/80-17.


  12. Apologies to you and Joe, you are correct the Michelin Pilot Sporty 100/80-17 is indeed a front tire only. Since I already have a new (Michelin) installed on the front, I called Mr. Pairoj in BKK and asked about a Michelin 110/80-17 for the rear. Its a universal, but probaly my best option if I want to stay with Michelins.

    The IRC stock tires for the new Fi CBR 150 and 250 models look far superior to the old tires, but according to the IRC website, they are not available in sizes to fit the old carb model CBR...
  13. Ok,glad the penny dropped :)

    Just remember the 110/80 will make your gearing a little taller-more top speed and less pull.
    Personally i`d still go with the MT 75 rear,i`ve heard nothing but good comments about them.
  14. Can`t help you there as i live a lot further north of Pattaya but i got the MT 75 about a week after ordering it.
  15. I had the Pilot Sporty on my old CBR150 and they were fantastic.

    A great tire, and a good choice. :)
  16. C Where did you order your MT75s from?
  17. They were ordered in Chiang Mai but were sourced from Pirelli in Bangkok as far as i know.
  18. How much were they and where did you get them? - I'm interested if any website lists these tires for the 2011 CBR150R (100/8017F and 130/70/17R).

    Edit: Found them here, available with tubes or tubeless: http://www.michelin.co.uk/motorcycles/michelin-pilot-sporty#tab-tyres-sizes

    But - can I get them in TH and how much are they?

    It's kind of crazy to have a 130 rear on a 150cc bike, but I had two carbed CBRs years ago and the new FI version feels like a different bike! Well worth the higher price.
  19. Hey Billy, I googled "michelin pilot sporty thailand" and came across this post on thaivisa that may answer all your questions:


    I'm not a big thaivisa fan, lots of second-hand info on there often, but this post sounds real.
    Read good things about the tire and if it sets you back 3,000THB including installing and balancing it's a great deal!

    Apparently this Michelin tire is made in Thailand.
  20. Hi K,

    Yeah, that was me, the OP, over on Thaivisa. I have the front 90/80 Sporty, but Gob, the shop manager, said he could not get a 110/80-17. I'm going to call Khun Piroj tomorrow he quoted me 1,510 for a (110/80) Sporty.

    If that fails I'll try Show Po.
  21. 284158=13351-2012-11-08%2015.30.36.

    New Michelin 110/80-17 arrived today, 60 baht delivery from BKK and 200 baht for mounting and balancing at the Pattaya Gan Yang (Maxxis) tire shop on Sukumvit.

    Time to hit the road! :)

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