cbr 150

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  1. 1 year old cbr 150
    black and grey colour scheme
    Number plate reads 123

    30,000 baht... offers accepted

    10,000 kms on the clock recent new tyres and brake pads

    E mail. [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. AJ - where is the bike?
  3. yes where is this CBR located? " 10,000 kms on the clock recent new tyres and brake pads" tires/tyres, yes I think so, but new pads? maybe a lot more than 10,000 on the bike???????
  4. The bike is in Sukhothai 60 kms from Phitsanalouk...

    Pads changed due to family owning Sinthanee Honda garage in Chiang Rai, and myself moving from Chiang Rai to Sukhothai with my wife, so my family serviced the bike and changed them for me. I didnt ask any questions wwhen they did it it was free!

    There are currently 10760 kms on the bike... (Today) I use it everyday!
  5. Sounds like a very good deal to me - even the color scheme looks good, way better than the new blue or yellow bikes. . . of course, my REPSOL version in violett/orange/red is the coolest . . .
    Why spend 65 grand on a new one when you can get an almost new one for half price?!
  6. Your right it's a great deal...

    as for the repsol version... I agree it is the coolest....

    As for my 150 CBR, my wife wants it know and she gona spray it pink with white wheels so it's now off the market!
    (I'll post a picture when its finished)!!!!
    Give her a Yamaha Fino to spray pink and I'll buy the CBR and put it next t the other!
  8. oh im serious..

    She paid me for the bike and she taking it to be sprayed soon!!!

    Watch this space

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