cbr 750 for sale

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  1. xgator

    xgator Member

    honda cbr 750 for sale
    naked bike
    gearcam train,
    4 cylinder,
    1995 model,
    green book,
    chiang mai no.plate.

    good running order,

    new batt, brakes ,alternator and electrics.
    all plastics full fairing are available.


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  3. xgator

    xgator Member

    streetfighter style?

    no, just fairing taken off!!!
  4. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    I thought the CBR 750 Hurricane went out of production in the late 80's no?
  5. vel2000

    vel2000 Active Member

    Seems so, after a little bit research, 1987-88, they went out of production.
    Maybe, only the green (grey) Book is from 1995...:crazy:
    Although, I like this kind of Bike, (in original condition), I am not sure, if it is not a little bit expensive, for 87/88 Bike in this condition and with a "dubious" '95 book..:roll:
  6. xgator

    xgator Member

    :yawn: yeah,
    its old ,but still good.
    the book says 1995, so thats all i can say.

    its a good deal for the money; obo!!!

    free choice for everyone
  7. xgator

    xgator Member

    new price 85000 thb.
    its running good!!
    check it out
  8. xgator

    xgator Member

    for this price you can buy a 250 whatsoever !!!

    tony bkk knows it all!!!

    take a ride and then decide!!!
  9. vel2000

    vel2000 Active Member

    Yepp, but the 250 would be 15-20 years younger...:wink:
    Brand new CBR 250 w.o. ABS is around 100K.
    This Bike could be a nice "restoration project", but still far too expensive

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