cell phones and MP3 players are dangerous in traffic


Aug 20, 2003
Read this article on the dangers of using cell phones, MP3 players and other distracting devices in traffic.
Seems like there is an increase in accidents related to these distracting gizmos; people with headphones on or busy with their phones cause accidents because they are not paying attention to their surroundings.
"You call it 'iPod oblivion,' I just call it stupidity," said Inspector Parr. "It's a constant problem. They just walk up to the road and keep on walking. We have always told motorists to look out for pedestrians. Now we are increasingly telling pedestrians to look out for motorists," he said.

If they walk into a car that's bad enough, but for us riders it may well put us face down into the street with more damage to the bike than to these offenders. So be aware of them!

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