Chairty Ride Yosathon 14 June 2009

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    Hi Guys,

    I forward the attached email from Khun Bad, Khon Kaen.

    We are going to visit Ban Home Hug at Yasothon. It is a home for orpaned children.

    The trip will be sponsored by the TAT and for safety, led by the Tourist Police. The email below explains the purpose and timing of the visit, leaving from the City Pole Khon Kaen which is just past the main City gate, over the railway line on the RHS, near the fire station. Coming from the North on the Main No 2 highway, one turns left at the lights after the roadworks and just past the new Central Mall building, still under construction. Over the railway and bear right at the next lights you will see the square and the City Pole building. Turn right at the fire station and right again into the car parking area.

    We expect a good number of riders including guys from Harley Davidson Bangkok.

    Anyone who wishes to go direct say from Udon to Yasothon of course is very welcome and I can provide details of the location of the childrens home.

    The web site is worth a visit, but is in Thai.

    This should be a great trip and will be a big thing for those needy children. Please support if you can and do pass on to any contacts you have who may like to join. They are of course welcome to come by car if they wish.

    Do contact me if you have any queries

    Best regards,

    John Gooding

    It is social responsibility that Khon Kaen Riders will deliver when it's possible. To do so, we're pleased to introduce Bhan Home Hug - Orphanage house in Yasothorn of more then 100 kids with age of possibly 4 days up to 20 years old who suffering or losed family, parents, protection, suffering from HIV and lacks of some basic good living which they greatly supposed to have. Despite suffering from cancer, Mama Tew (Toi in TV) have truly devoted her life to help those kids to grow and able to survive to take care the younger at this place.

    Let's join the ride to help them in some way or another.
    We will go to treat them a good lunch to donate stuffs.
    Date: Sunday 14th June 2009
    PLace: Khon Kaen City Pole Place
    Meeting Time : 08.00am
    Trip starts : 08.30am
    Activity time : 11.30-14.30pm
    Leaving for Khon Kaen 15.00pm

    Help needed include the followings:

    Cartoon/tale book
    DVD,VCD for kids
    Household medicine
    Vegetable and plant seeds for growing
    Clothes, T-shirt
    General personal cleansing

    Non Tanwattanakul

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